Sports Cadillac CT5 Upgrade Sports Sports Shoes

"No Deluxe", Cadillac's slogan, the spread of the earth, makes many consumers who have never forgotten it. Although this way is not everyone likes, it is not difficult to feel Cadillac's obsession on the back drive. The previous car type SLS, CTS, ATS-L is not a pre-drive layout. At the time, I was not very beautiful in the opening, with the listing of CT4, Cadillac composed of "new American luxury rear drill car family" named CT.

Today, we have to say that Cadillac CT5 is already listed in November 2019, although there are more than two years, but the market performance is still weak, especially in the aesthetic view of young people. The CT5 design language is derived from the Escala concept vehicle to some extent weaken the "diamond cut" style, but the overall design is still engraving; people can't help but feel very delicate.

In terms of power, the tail of the CT5 is 28T, equipped with a general 2.0T engine, maximum power 174 kW (237 ps) / 5000 rpm, 350N · m / 1500-4000 rpm. It can be said that CT5 has a bright book parameters. Of course, in fact, CT5 is absolutely able to meet your needs of fierce driving.

In addition, CT5 has its own unique cheats - rear axle LSD slip differential. Although there is a slot point along with the LSD, it is only the top with a model. However, this is indeed reflecting the essence of CT5. Of course, the 19-inch gun gray multi-wheel rim is also a finishing touch, and the overall atmosphere of this car is very taking, and then with the color of the BREMBO-based four-live plug brake caliper, this sports style is in place. . By the way, this car upgraded the Jinfeng Chi KF550 tires, from Germany technology technology, sports tire representative brand, it can better make this CT5 to show his fists, actually do not inferior brand.

As a tire brand from Germany, Jinfeng is located in high-end sports tires, and its products are designed or craftsmanship.Especially for high-end sports sedan, Jin Chi has many years of tire upgrade experience, cost-effective, better than the original.Overall, Cadillac CT5 is absolutely worthy of the title of luxury sports middle car. From a luxurious point of view, the appearance is very moving and very atmospheric, compared to the competition, it has a stronger freshness, and the use of the interiorAlso fully called luxury, coupled with sound insulation materials and configuration, CT5 does not lose any opponent at this area.

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