Nursing measures for sports neuron disease

1. Psychological care: The patient's patients with exercise neurons are slow, and this disease will gradually affect movement function and life self-reliance, so it is necessary to maintain optimistic and positive attitude, cooperation with treatment, and tell the confidence of successful cases to enhance the disease. 2, the management of the respiratory tract: patients with sports neurons use mechanical ventilation, not well cleaning the respiratory tract, to turn over the back, sucking the secretions, humidity airways, sterile operating trachea, pay attention to use oxygen Safety. 3, Dietary care: Try to give high protein, high calories, easy digestive diet, rich in vitamins, a small amount of meals, strengthen the nutrients of patients, improve the disease's tolerance, and have positive significance for the disease. For patients with tracheal cut or swallowing difficult, nasal feeding, pay attention to nutritional balance, monitor nutrition indicators. 4. Monitoring of vital signs: Give continuous ECG monitoring, monitoring oxygen saturation, arrhythm, breathing, blood pressure, due to patients have accumulated respiratory muscles, have different degrees of breathing difficulties, very important for breathing monitoring, It is found that abnormal symptomatic treatment, gives a tracheal intubation or use a mask without invasive ventilator assisting breathing, and the long-time offline difficulties can cut the gas pipe to ensure effective ventilation.

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