Sports principle in the third trimester

Sports principle in the third trimester

1 Do any exercise should be based on the principle of "slow";

2 The exercise time should not be too long, even if it is walk, it is not suitable for more than 20 minutes;

3 Suitable for some fitness gymnastics, such as stretching exercise, flexion and flexion, twisted pelvis, etc., can make the body muscles to extend and relax, but also create better growth environments for your baby;

4 Appropriate exercise production training law, such as Lamez production exercise law and breathing method, help pregnant mothers to exercise the body muscles needed during childbirth, help shorten the proceedings and promote smooth delivery;

5 will supplement moisture in time after exercise;

6 pay attention to self-protection in motion, avoiding physical pain, virtual off, dizziness and other status;

7 When exercising, there is a relatives and relatives to accompany the side. Once an emergency is unsuitable and the crisis is, they should immediately seek medical attention.

Pregnant mother's body change

Now the polyhydrazine in the uterus is reduced, the volume of the fetus increases, and the current fetus is 1000 times the fetal bud volume. The growth of maternal weight has also reached the highest peak, and it has gifted 11 to 13 kilograms. Expectant mothers will find their own navel has become big and prominent.

Most of the mother's breasts will have milk discharge, and should be cleaned with soft cloth or cotton to clean. Some expectations will feel the feeling of nausea and chest.

At this time, my mother's stomach is quite heavy, and it must pay attention to safety when going up and down stairs and bathes. Try not to do a housework again. Even if you want to do it, you must pay attention to your movements, don't be too fierce, you can't do dangerous actions.

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