Sports earphones, good, sports Bluetooth headset

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of sports wearable equipment, sports headphones have become an important equipment for sports people. With the booming of sports headphones, it also attracts a large number of brands into this area. But now the quality of sports headphones in the market is uneven. Consumers choose the right sports headphones are also a bit difficult. Today, I have selected several sports headphones for several consumers.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

In wearing, South Car Runner Pro3 unique hippocampus is also broken, and the traditional bone pass-through headphones will be all-in-one, the body is jointly created by 97 engineers in South Card, and more combined earphones, each curvature is carefully designed, skeleton With memory titanium metal, there is no need to worry about the headset falling.

As a flagship bone conduction headset, Runner Pro3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 in Bluetooth and has a built-in 16G memory. Ai intelligent call noise reduction, the call sound quality is clear and full, IPX8 excellent waterproof characteristics, with It goes out that exercise is a wind and rain, it can be said that it is the first choice for sports enthusiasts, it is worth having.

2.JBL T225TWS Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Using a half-in-ear design, the front end of the earbud unit uses a skin-friendly material. It has a certain non-slip effect. The ergonomic design is also more comfortable, but the people in the small ears do not recommend; using Hengxuan BES2300 chip, Bluetooth 5.0, 12mm unit, Support AAC audio encoding, continuous JBL pure low frequency, and the sound is clear. The battery is still 4 hours, supporting fast charging, 1 hour can be used after 15 minutes of charging. Equipped with bone conduction call noise reduction technology, the overall call is relatively stable. The overall structural design of the headphones is a bit different. The headset has a button that can be turned on or off manually. The disadvantage is that the delay is too high, reaching 300 milliseconds, which is not suitable for the game.

3. DTOOM Sea Seapower Bluetooth Sports Headphones

8-level waterproof, ultra-high waterproof level, currently relatively strong waterproof headphones, shark tail ear hook size friction, fixed, high-pass chip support APTX protocol, with higher transmission rate and better sound quality, battery life Also very powerful, single ear 8 hours, the whole machine is 48 hours and life, and the overall performance is excellent.

4. South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Although the bone conduction of South Car Runner CC 2 is entry-level but compared to some of the middle bone conducted sports headphones, it is first in terms of waterproof, NANK South Card CC 2 waterproof reaches IPX6, in the overall shape There is basically no change in the previous generation, and the left and right ear integrated connection design is used. However, if you carefully observe, you will find that some of the slight places in the headphones, only 25G light quality, suitable for continuous strip, up to IPX6 waterproof performance, effectively resist the corrosion of sweat in sports.

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