Showing the beauty of sports

Li Hongzhen's Chinese painting "Light of Life".

Wu Zhen Comprehensive Material "2022".

Ma Zha Chinese painted "Ice Hockey Team".

Wang Wei, single flooding Chinese painting "Beijing - Zhang Yuming Snow Chasing Dream".

Shen Shulan China painted "Light of Life, China Speed".

Gao Yi, Huang Hua San China painted "peak dance snow".

Zou Yu Chinese painting "Winning time - speed and precision".

Shi Zhongying, Ren Shikun sculpture "Snow Mountain Flying".

Kongvik's Chinese painting "Snow Headshard".

With the footsteps of the New Year, Beijing Winter Olympics is about time. The Olympic Sparkling Savory Inside and outside the game, it also further ignited the artist's creation.

From "2022 Ninth China Beijing International Art Biece" Calligraphy Works Exhibition " The brilliance of blooms, deeply interpret "faster, higher, stronger - more united" Olympic Motto.

Dreaming, ice and snow, together to the future. Today, this magazine selection some of the new works of artistic arts, refueling the Olympics athletes!


People's Daily (2022, 2022, 20th Edition)

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