Sports and 5


First, you can slow down, but don't stop.

People always have lazy moments.

Or the body is not suitable, or the mood is not smooth, or you don't want to move.

But in any case, don't overrun.

Don't give you hesitant and action, stay too much about the gaps and rooms.

Start your sport.

Maybe you can shorten the time, or just five minutes of stretching, and even the lazy walk pretend to run yourself.

You can slow down, but it is best not to stop.

Even if you are just going forward, you will not act in the same place.


Second, basic work is the biggest gap.

The master and novice is the biggest difference, not that it can challenge the difficult movement, but they are the basic work behind them.

Sometimes, a seemingly easy action requires a lot of not easy efforts.

Just like the iceberg in order to expose a corner, it is necessary to accumulate hundreds of non-revealing corners, while others think that they are just this angle.

Everyone takes every minute of your more, every effort to sweat, every effort, every effort, is the biggest truth of you better than you.

The so-called stage of the next decade can exchange a minute on the stage. But you are not bad with others, but the decade of work under the stage.


Third, always keep the mentality of beginners.

Never think, you learn it, even if it will be thorough.

Any kind of exercise will have a subtle change under different body requirements.

And every subtle difference is worth learning and refining.

Action, are you straight back or a bow back, is an external rotation or internal rotation, is a hit or a hook, the final body feedback is different.

A physical form, your understanding is different, the depth is different, the angle is different, your body awareness and inner feelings are different.

A sequence, the way you start is different, the way in series is different, the end is different, and the ultimately given the body change is different.

Life-long learning.


The fourth is that people who can help you decompress, only yourself.

When you are doing some difficult exercise, breathing will become urgent and difficult.

In fact, when you feel tired, learn to be in one breath, keep release your tired and pressure.

At this point, others can't help you, because breathing is on your own body, you can't use the energy of others to adjust your tension and discomfort.

Can help you relax and decompress people, always only yourself.


The fifth is to find real happiness in sports.

Any workout, don't take it purely, a way to achieve utilitarian purposes.

Of course, you can lose weight, you can shape it, you can help you have a good body.

But this is not a motivation, the only power and goals.

Any movement, no matter what you just started, if you decide to stick to it, you will inevitably try to love it.

It is not a long time without love. Other things in life are the same.

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