Early spring sports wind, go out, go out

Early spring sports wind is wearing, vitality aged girls online! I haven't going out for a long time, the meat is going to pier! It's time to become a fat pier! The lazy girl goes out, the equipment is also dispatched. Haha, the fitness sports equipment is arranged, go out and run! Today, I will share with you recently specially like sports style.

Using the feeling of experience is the baby, short hat letter embroidered sports sweater, the choice of white, very wild, white, the fabric is also very comfortable, do notpose the body is very type, American handsome Girl Haha is built, a naked BRA, wearing a lot of breath, it will not feel dull, running, there is no uncomfortable feeling, the legging of the lower body is really great, this is also called shark pants More comfortable than the platform's leggings, the upper body is very light feeling, there is no sense of tightening, not adjustment, doing deep, warm, yoga, these are very comfortable, haha, love, mainly to collect small belly Strike, visually have a feeling of tens of legs, it is exactly a big place! Especially like this trousers, PinkPower printed with heart pants, unlike other pants, there is no hip printed, but it can reach the effect of the hip type, no needle, this is the most basic! ! On the side of the leg, there is a playful little bow, satisfying the girl, haha, will not mix with other black pants! Fashion UP!


If you go to the gym, you can also match the big T-shirt, then match this shark pants! ! My understanding is the fashion item that can be exercised in the street!

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