Motion protection with knees

The knee is inevitable for every person who likes mountain climbing. After climbing, it will usually be a pain, and the damage of the knee is irreversible. Once the injury is difficult to recover, if you want to protect your knee, you must pay attention to usual exercise!

In general, going down the mountain, downstairs in daily life, jumping landing process is a few actions in the knee joint cartilage. Their biggest commonality is all the closed chain movements defined by kinematics (CLOSED KINETIC Chain, CKC). This is a uncommon concept, simply, when the closed chain movement refers to the movement of the limbs at the distal end of the proximal joint.

Talking about several principles of weight-bearing training:

1. Divide people vary from person to person: the purpose of training is not the absolute weight, the better the stroke, the better. In theory, there is no more than 1/3 of the personal weight, but also according to the personal situation, it is best to find the weight of its own own.

2, step by step: Avoid sudden increase in load, the adaptive mechanism of the human body is gradually completed, and it is not a full load several times.

3. Difference to treat: Different line arrangements, weather conditions, and negative weight should be adjusted. Generally, in extremely hot seasons, or particularly difficult routes, we must relatively reduce weight.

4, equipment skills: When the load is large, choose the backbound system than the carrying system, so as not necessary to damage the shoulders, waist, and back. Learn to pack the skills, such as going to the mountain, the focus is slightly higher, and the center of gravity can be low during the mountain. It is necessary to pass the road segment passed by special posture, pay attention to the smooth movement of the center of gravity. etc.

The most important thing is to prevent

1. The warm-up activities before training must be sufficient, do not directly on the large amount of exercise, the most common occurrence of damage is most often in fatigue or indulgence.

2. Pay attention to the running posture while running, don't use only one side of the foot;

3. Pay attention to the muscle group of the thigh to avoid the knee being directly impacted from the foot; 4. When a knee discomfort symptoms, the amount of exercise and motor frequency are properly reduced, and the intense running, jump and weighting movement are avoided;

5. Usually pay attention to the ladle keep warm, especially in the summer, don't be greedy;

6. After exercise, the muscles of the leg;

Sign in. When the weight is pulled, especially when the downhill is lowered, the knee is impacted;

8. The developed muscles can be mitigated in a certain condition to alleviate the pressure to which the knee can be reduced to minimize the damage of the knee. Usually do the leg muscle exercise, try to minimize the endurance of the knee. It is consciously strengthened the exercise of the four-headed muscle (front of the thigh) and the cross ligament, enhanced the inner side of the four-headed muscle and the muscles of the thigh muscle strength (more than the weight of the weight), combined with muscle stretching, walking, horses or stickers Wall practice and other methods, the tibia is paved in the end of the femoral end.

10. Stretching the elongated leg teenage and patellofemoral joint, which is beneficial to reduce the knee injury, it is recommended to put the mountains who take the mountain, but also pay more attention to the feet, do not go to the day, exercise.

Throw away the load of training, many strong people experience some kind of happiness when extreme tiredness. And it is easy to addictive.

Simple and happy, add a little self-maintenance, just like a good jeep, don't open a few miles, it is broken, good maintenance, can be opened to the sky. When you go out to learn, you don't have to blindly pursue your weight and speed, keep your own knees, it is the capital that continues to play. There are two stuffs, don't forget, Ha: kneak! Hiking! "Excerpt from the distant place"

The magical muscle in the knees on the knees is under the specific yourself Google

How is the muscle intuitive intuitive intuitive intuitive intuitive intuitive? This is because the intramuscular effect is elastic, but its divissing ratio is smaller than the telescopic ratio of the human muscle. Therefore, when the intramuscular endogenic spot is attached to the intramuscular placement, the skin is pulled by the intramuscular effect, the gap between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscles, thereby promoting the blood circulation and lymphatic return of the tissue, relieve pain. And speed up the recovery of muscle damage.

Not athletes can also use

Pigging gathers is not only for athletes. When the common people encounter muscle sore, when it is labor, the intramuscular clothing can also be used. In use, the most critical is to be attached to the movement of muscles and motion anatomical structures in a particular site.

I remember that in the first phase of the year, I said that if you don't have these people's talents, professional scientific training coaches, exercise recovery and medical teams, and nutritional support teams. . . You keep 5 times a week, 30 km.

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