Health care and sports classroom

Life is movement. However, with the strong development of society, people's living standards have greatly improved. Going out more about a car, home appliances replaces housework. After dinner, I often sit in front of TV sets. I often watch TV series is a lot of days. This is not waiting for another good look, so many people have long lack of sports, new metabolism is slow, fat excessive Store in the body, make people gain more prematurely, so that the internal dirty fat fill, the burden increases, very fast, lung, kidney and other main organs will have obstacles, so that you have to go to the hospital to see doctors. A large amount of time is consumed in the hospital, and more money is spent on taking medicine.

Develop a suitable fitness plan

According to your own health, develop a sports fitness plan for yourself, regularly summarize the motion effect, exercise in a timely manner and exercise.

Sports fitness should be gradually progressive

According to your own physical condition, the sports fitness is scientifically, in particular, there is a plan, there is a plan, and there is a step. Master the exercise of your own exercise, to achieve the purpose of both fitness and disease treatment. To be gradually progressing, it is necessary to be difficult after it is easy, from shallow to deep, from simple to compassion, by slow arrival, the amount of exercise is smashed, the strength is weak to strong, and it is necessary to adapt to the principle of gradually transition. .

Sports fitness should persist always

Once the exercise and fitness is done, it is necessary to persist, and it is not tireless. The key to sports and fitness is to perseve, there is no perseverance, which will determine the success or failure of sports fitness. Therefore, it is best to invite each other to encourage each other, mutual performance, enhance friendship, and improve.

Work and rest

Sports fitness should be scientifically, just at the beginning, there should be a dramatic movement. Choosing the law of your own motion, you should not feel the best, excessive exercise in happiness, and there is no benefit to the body, but there will be unexpected damage.

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