What is a common sense sharing of aerobic exercise?

Motion is divided with oxygen exercise and aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is a rhythmic movement, a length of exercise time (about 15 minutes or more), and the exercise strength is medium or medium, that is, 75% to 85% of the maximum heart rate.

Oxygen exercise is divided into two categories: high impact aerobics and low impact aerobics.

First, high impact aerobics is traditional fitness motion, such as long run, swimming, table tennis, etc.

Second, low impact aerobics refers to a slow-racing frequency, but a long exercise time, such as skipping, left and right rotation, jogging, go away, etc. In contrast, low impact aerobics can reduce the subject's injury opportunity, so the popularity is higher.

What is aerobic aerobics?

Aerobic aerobics is a rhythmic movement. It continues to move in a long time (more than 15 minutes) not only enhances the cardiopulmonary function, but also has exercised the large muscle group. Fitness removal can enhance the body, but also make it a social fashion. Participants can not only ginsengly friends, but also keep the spirit and soothing, energetic, have an impressive body, and healthy and beautiful.

Aerobic aerobics

Oxygen aerobics is mainly divided into two categories: high impact and low impact.

First, high impact fitness exercises

High impact aerobics is a traditional aerobics, often doing single or feet jump, energy consumption. The effect of cardiopulmonary exercise is also good. But some people who are very small and oversight and in the initial phase may not accept the amount of exercise due to excessive exercise. In addition, excessive jump affects the lower extremities and the ground, which is easy to cause the lower limbs and spine injuries.

Second, low impact fitness exercises

The concept of low impact is for the development of damage caused by the impact of the fitness action. The so-called low impact is mainly to delete the jump action of the feet. Instead, the other rhythm is different. The aerial action of the ground, such as low kick, big step, left and right rotation, front and rear dog action, etc. Even if there is a walking exercise, it will not exceed 4 times. Due to the reduction of the activities of the lower extremus large muscle group, the proofability of the upper limb activity should be increased accordingly, and even strengthen the activity of the torso muscles, thus makes up the shortage of exercise.

Low impact fitness is reduced by minimal injuries, so it has replaced high impact aerobics. Although low impact movements are relatively alleviated, due to continuous exercise for 15 to 30 minutes, the intensity of motion (maximum heart rate is 60% - 80%), you can provide enough stimuli to exercise the heart and lung.

Human aerobics

At the beginning, you should take the way to walk to make your body and lower limbs adaptate. Don't do it too long to do it, it is suitable for 10 minutes. Before the pace moves, we will do warm up and appropriate stretching exercises, especially the moderate stretching of the lower extremities. When it is cold, the warm-up time is long, and wear more clothes. The pace moves before and after a look at the number of pulse per minute and record it for reference. After long-term exercise, cardiopulmonary endurance will increase, the heart rate will decrease, and the heartbeat is normal after exercise. The beginner is suitable for every Tuesday, three times and the next day. Then increase the number of times, until you feel properly, never force.

Error view

Error 1: Strength training does not improve flexibility

Who said that the muscle strength and ligament flexibility cannot be carried out simultaneously, such as arrow, deep squat, beam up, and hard pull, etc., can not only improve the level and effect of fitness, but also in exercise flexibility than simple static pull. The reach is better.

Error 2: The left and right hand load is the same

When starting exercises, the left and right weight difference should be controlled at about 5% to 10%, and the left and right exchanges are completed. The non-balanced weight will force muscles to play more potential to maintain balance, deeper Stimulating muscle growth.

Typical load exercises should be practiced with two weights of dumbbells, which is more advantageous to stimulate the muscles that are difficult to practice.

Error 3: When the boots are pushed, the barbell should be put down to the chest.

During the bucket, the vetnocne not only has supported support, but also "borrowing". If you borrow the power of the backgastusper, you can reduce the exercise of the chest muscles, so the barbell is removed to the chest when it avoids the push.

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