Open Spring Sports Season, an article takes your sports needs

Dear friends, everyone, I am Master-John. It is said that the Spring Festival has passed, and the weather is about to warm, so the corresponding exercise should be arranged, how can I have a small T-shirt? As far as I personally, in recent years, I have been wearing Andrima's brand, so, it is also a more understanding of itself.

Speaking of Under Armour is a very young brand, only 20 years of history. In 1996, the former Maryland football star Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in Baltimore, USA, and established the same name brand, mainly producing sports equipment. The overall position of Under Armour is a high-functional product full of new technology, which is mainly targeted in the market. It is mainly for high-end performance professional sports products.

1, Heatgear series sports

This series uses a lightweight UA Tech fabric and is comfortable. Unique moisture system technology can rapid sweating from the body surface, and the anti-aquatic technique can remain fresh and comfortable for a long time.

1.1 Short Sleeve 1.2 Long Sleeve 1.3 Sports Pants 2, Coldgear Series Sports

This is suitable for the winter-wearing Coldgear series men's long-sleeved T-shirts, which is very suitable for bottoming; tight-fitting and tight; Mock small collar is warmed; 4-dimensional stretch-made clothes are more easily stretched, and it is not easy to deform, The smooth double-layer outer fabric has a fast drying property, and it is not coated in thermo-conductive, soft and light and latching. Anti-Odor Antibacterial Technology Prevents the Growth of Differentiation. Smooth, free-frictionless smooth lock, prevent skin friction.

2.1 Short Sleeve 2.2 Long Sleeve

2.3 Sports Pants

3 Footwear Sneakers Series 3.1 Casual Shoes 3.2 Running Shoes 4 Other Accessories

Write in the last:

In fact, although these products listed, the covered face is also relatively wide, but there may be some suitable products still have not covered, so this article can only be considered a brick, if you have more professional facilities, Welcome everyone to give me a message, let's discuss it together.

At the same time, please pay more attention to me, like my recommendation, must have a one-button three

I am Master-John, like Master-John shared with everyone, look back.

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