Sports articles: How much is swimming?

Swimming is a whole body, upper limbs, neck and neck, shoulder, abdomen and lower extremum muscles "all" participation, can effectively promote the blood circulation of full body muscles. Swimming is the lowest labor activity of labor and damage, and people can continue to swim due to age restrictions and other sports activities. Therefore, swimming is one of the most popular, one of the fitness sports projects that can be exercised for life.

The game is also an increase in human flexibility, coordinated swimming is a whole body involved, more muscle groups than other exercises, so swimming can improve muscle system, especially the muscles of torso, shoulders, upper limbs. Activity capacity, improve the flexibility of soft tissue, improve the strength and coordination of muscles. Because swimming needs to overcome greater resistance in water, plus swimming is a periodic movement, long-term exercise can improve muscle strength, speed, endurance and joint flexibility to improve, and people who regularly swim activities will become more flexible and soft.

lose weight

Swimming has many benefits to the body, as "weight loss slimming", mainly because the density and thermal performance of water is larger than the air, so the energy consumed by swimming is more than other sports, the resistance of the water is 12 times the land. The energy consumed in water at 12 ° C for 4 minutes is the heat consumption of land sports L hours. In addition, obese people's weight has a considerable part of the buoyancy of water, the lower limbs and waist will be relaxed, and the risk of joint and bone injury is greatly reduced. It can be seen that exercise in the water will make many people who want to lose weight, so swimming is one of the most effective aerobics.

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