Pameira House Sports First Anniversary Reap


As a gym fan, go to the bath has always been my biggest motivation. As the dormitory is renovated, my dormitory also has a water heater. From then on, the gym is no longer a place for me 4-6 times, my movement is also starting. The change, aerobic replaces an oxygen, the main line. Home Pamira began in the card of the school last year, and he had been insisting on it, and he shared it with you today.

What is Pamera?

Pamera is a sports blogger, which has two advantages over other sports bloggers or KEEPs. First, the number of videos is large, the coverage is wide, don't worry about a video to get tired; second, every time the week update course, the weekly class is more scientific, the class is divided into abdominal muscles, fat, high strength, slow speed Multiple versions such as novices, novice taxis 30min daily, the remaining 45min per day, covering aerobic, abdominal muscles, hip legs, upper limbs, yoga stretching, and rest day, there is a wide range of applicability.

Where can I watch Pameira and their currenies?

First, you can pay attention to its account, or another UP main honeymore, she will sort out the class weekly (see column), click on the jump; the second is Keep, but last year's Keep's class is every People are sorted, unlike 哩 哩 哩 哩 方, 把 把 把 送 把 把 哩. 哩 哩. 哩 哩............... 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩

What kind of fitness needs are Pimala?

One is to lose the lipstick, the second is the home sports population, the third is the clear lines, that is, the increase in muscle group is not applicable, because the home sports is mainly with a lightweight small equipment, and it is impossible to use large weight. The instrument and equipment, the increase in the gathering.

For the reduction of lifting, the population is very suitable, there is a variety of aerobic video, and there is no shortage of Hiit classes. Second, even if the strength training is very small, most videos are not rest, so even slow, upper limb training Still not low.

For the home sports people, for example, I don't have to pick it to Keep every day, don't have to set this week's training program, still very convenient, the space you need is also very friendly, a yoga mat can satisfy, the rest In terms of equipment, the elastic belt + dumbbell can complete all the training. Of course, because there is a lot of oxygen, it is necessary to jump, open and jump, high-raised legs, so the sound insulation effect can affect the downstairs neighbors, which may not be as good as the moment, super orangutan jump is more appropriate, However, the weekly class specials have only 1-2 times, and other training is relatively friendly downstairs.

For the weight and action of the increase in muscle group, it is completely insufficient, no bed push, high pull pull, into which is not applicable.

My training objectives and plans?

My fitness needs are guaranteed a reasonable exercise time per week, and there is an oxygen and strength, so I will choose 5 days Pmera (1 day stretch as a rest) +2 days gym week. This plan is actually very heavy, because Pamera's class is oxygen, like weight, may need to be reversed.

The planning and target selection processes are detailed above.

Sports a year change and feelings?

Any scientific exercise can insist on a year, it is a good thing. The body weight and dimension are first filled. After all, the gym has a small weight of +4 days in a week. The diet remains unchanged, and the amount of oxygen is increased, which will result in weight loss. As I don't pursue my muscle hypertrophy, I can accept it if I just pursue sports health.

Through a year, there is a lot of oxygen exercise, physical strength and lung capacity. Specific performance in rare running, I am running easily than before, some hiit or aerobic training, sweating and exhaustion Drop.

The line is first thin, but some of the usual gym will not practice the lines, such as the arms, the legs, the legs, and the places where I have never involved in these don't be obvious.

I hope everyone can maintain a good exercise habit!

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