Sports intervention assistance weight loss

How to consume more energy, sports is the best solution - exercise can improve the human metabolic rate. When the human body is regular sports, the human skeletal muscle will become more strong. Usually, the skeletal muscle relies mainly on combustion fatty acids to provide energy, rarely uses muscle original as energy, so as long as you have strong skeletal muscle, even in quiet state (such as rest, watching TV or lying in bed sleeping, etc. ), Skeletal muscle still consumes fat supply. Talking about weight loss, consider sports form, intensity, duration, and motor frequency.

It is generally not particularly recognized for various weight loss methods, but the method of exercise is generally recognized, but there is a difference in the way for exercise, sustained time and motor frequency. In general, the larger the amount of exercise, the longer the exercise time, the more fat consumes, the more obvious weight loss, the method of commonly used, has an oxygen jog, practice fitness exercises, swimming and other sports forms. Sports scientific research shows that the use of alternating exercises is more conducive to controlling weight, and achieving weight loss. Alternately use two or three motion forms to achieve strong body and consumption of fat. In other words, you don't have to swim, run or ride, but 2 or three alternates, and even combine an oxygen-free force exercises, so that the body gets the effect of full exercise.

At present, alternating motion is generally carried out in the following manner: (1) Aerobic movement is alternate with an oxygen-free motion. Improve the quality of muscle through an oxygen exercise and increase the basal metabolic rate. The role of improving cardiopulmonary function is reached by aerobic exercise, increasing energy consumption. For those who are segments, oxygen-free movements (generally referring to weight, push-ups, short distance sprints, etc.) and aerobics (generally referring to a step, Tai Chi, jogging, cycling, etc. Combine. (2) Alternation of different motion forms, you can slow down, ride or swim. Running is mainly the activity of the back side of the leg, the swimming is the arm, back to the shoulder activity, while the cycling belongs to the activity of the front side of the leg. With different skeletal muscle, the upper and lower limbs can be balanced, while avoiding the occurrence of local muscles over fatigue. For a variety of exercises, it can vary from person to person, the principle is the longer the exercise time, the more fat consumes; the more the muscle groups are used, the more fat, the more pronounced the weight loss.

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