Writing the struggle of ice and snow sports

Zhangjiakou Fair, Genting Ski Park, witnessed China's free-style skiing aerial skill team and a dreamy night.

In the last hop, use the most difficult to achieve the most intense competition. On the evening of February 16, the Chinese team's name will fight a man's air skill gold medal. He will play difficulty and stabilize the ultimate, and the charm of this movement is also exhausted.

When you turn, it is easy to fly, and it is stable like a rock when landing. Air tips seem to be "aerial ballet", intertwined with beauty, is like "running on steel", every jump is a test.

Flying is higher, standing more stable. Qi Guangyi's wonderful leap, bringing people's thoughts to 2006 Turning Winter Olympics. That year, on the jumping platform in the Alps, Han Xiaopeng, who is 22, is like Dapeng Wings, winning the free-style skiing man's air skill, and has become the first man in China's ice and snow, the first man Winter Olympics and the first snow project Winter Olympics champion.

As the "open road pioneer" in China, the breakthrough and inheritance of the aerial skill team is also a radio and dream of Chinese ice and snow. In this team, Xu Meng Tao, Qi Guangyi, Jia Zongyang is the fourth time to participate in the Winter Olympics. The persistence of Winter Olympics, the love of this movement, the feelings of glory for the country, let them insist on today. The mixed group competition won a silver medal, women and men won the gold medal, which is the best praise for them for many years.

I am moving to Xu Meng Tao and Qi Guangyu's stadium, I also sent applause and respect for Jia Zongyang, who struggled hard. Don't forget, their teammates Kong Fan, Shao Qi, Sun Jiaxu, Wang Xin Di, everyone is holding the same goal, everyone is exhausted, everyone is an indispensable member of this team to victory. The gold medal hangs in the chest is victory, and the style of fighting Chinese athletes is also victorious. Write a story about whether to stand on the podium, it is already a golden life.

At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Chinese athletes are writing a new struggle story of China's Ice Snowport. With Qi Guangyu, China Sports delegation has harvested 4 gold medals in the snow, and "ice weakness" has changed. In the breakthrough and inheritance of a generation of a generation of athletes, China's ice and snow movement is launched a higher dream.

Author: Xue Yuan

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