Snow sports on the screen

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Author: Zhou Liming

Beijing Winter Olympics events have been in full swing, and the performance of the health of the health has triggered people's great interest in ice and snow. The Winter Olympics has produced a lot of exciting scenes, and in the history of Chinese and foreign movies, there is also a wonderful shot of ice and snow.

As Su Yuming won the silver in the court, he was thrown out of the film "Wisdom Waiti Mountain" when he was eight years old. In the movie, he played a "small embolization" in the Northeast of the Ski in the Liberation War. He is a skiing way for the Liberation Army Warrior to find a close way to overcome the enemy. The PLA was afraid that he couldn't keep up.

Today, "small emboli" slipped from Guangyu Lin Hai Xueyuan, sliding to a broad stage - Beijing Winter Olympics, sliding into the real world from light and shadow art, let people can't help but sigh, excite.

In the snow theme movie, there are some story films that directly present the Winter Olympics. 2004 American film "Ice Miracle", background is 1980 Plesiend Lake Winter Olympics. In the men's ice hockey semi-final in the Winter Olympics, a big cold door was exploded, and many people were considered one of the most dramatic Olympic moments. The host American team. With a weak win, it is a great charm of competitive sports, of course, is also a great movie material. The "Ice Miracle" is telling this exciting ice hockey game. In 2014, Russia filmed the documentary "Red Army Ice Hockey Team" in the same theme, and the story behind this game from another perspective.

The strong confrontation of the ice hockey is suitable for dramatic performance, and the beautiful pattern skating seems to be dramatic. The 2017 US film "I, the queen" tells a famous scandal in the United States. The film describes a slightly harmonious tone, describing a technique of technically hard-saving athletes, facing the girlfriend and the mentality imbalance generated by the gorgeous destiny. This is not a sports inspirational film in the traditional sense. Through the lack of life, the road of life, showing various social issues in the United States. The survey reproduction of the event background, as well as non-configurable characters, making the film a Winter Olympics film that has affected large and artistic achievements in recent years.

With the above-mentioned film, there are Norwegian biography "spectacles" (2018), telling the story of the three Olympic champions "Norwegian White Swan" Sonia Haini successfully succeeded in Hollywood. The Russian film that is also translated into "spectacles" is based on the story of the adaptation of the Russian spectacle championship, and now the second is now.

As early as 1979 in the early days of reform and opening up, the Austrian film "Ice Dream" (1959) will land China's screen, bring us a wonderful enjoyment of sports and song and dance. I originally exposed to Chopin's Polish dance, and I passed the film. Therefore, when I appreciate the pattern skating, I will pay special attention to the sound. In my opinion, these years, my country's players participate in the music used by the International Flower Slip, has a significant improvement in internationalization and specialization.

In order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 16th China Changchun Film Festival held in December 2021, "Ice and Snow Vision" unit, the exhibition film, except for the "智 取 山" mentioned earlier, and "ice" "Sisters" "Ice and Fire" "under the daylight" "collision" and other films, the workshop has a span of 60 years. As a "iceberg sister" of the 10th Anniversary of New China, the three female youths have been entangled in the cause of the cause and love generated by the provincial winter transportation, and praised the power of the collective. In 1999, "Ice and Fire" adapts the deeds from the world champion Yape, describing a quick-slip athlete's ups and downs.

Beijing Winter Olympics gave birth to a large number of film and television works about the Winter Olympics and Ice Snow. "My heart is flying" focuses on short track speed skating national team, telling the inspirational story of the athlete's snow. "Breaking Broad" is the biography of Wu Dajing in the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics. "Zero-level limit" is skiing the subject, telling a mentally issue athlete challenge the story of the second peak of the world. In addition, there is "Winter Olympics" "The name of Ice and Snow" "Flying with you" "Beyond" "I will like to tell the wind" "Ice's flame" and other episodes.

Although in a global scale, the classic film directly reflecting the ice and snow is also a phoenix rolling role, but the ice and snow and the winter are highly attractive (not just a time and space background), but there is no successful case. Ice and snow often can create a bleak atmosphere. As in the Korean movie "Furnace" said: "Winter is cold, it is to let us know how preciously, the warmth of the people is," Won the domestic film "Day Firework" in the Jinxiong Award of Berlin, the contrary, It treats the cold environment as the protagonist opposite. The owner's police have a fire inner, but he is cold in cold, his monopoly is like a fire on the snow, it is too cheaper. The only way to melt the ice is to find the truth.

There is also a more popular example: Disney animated movie "Ice and Snow".Andersen's original story puts the princess of Eisa into a cold back role.The cartoon has made a clever change, and the "point-to-ice" of the Princess of Eisabi is the main contradiction between her sister Anna's enthusiasm.Aisha's coolness can't say a bitterness. Anna's kindness also has blindly, and the two of them are like the spirit of the God and the spirit of the gods, and they need to reject each other.In the end, Anna sent my sister with family and self-sacrifice spirit, Ice and fire did a short supply, fulfill it all, and I have all myself."Some people deserve you to melt" is the touch of the audience.Cold and heat are the state of life, each has its own beauty.Those who drive ice and snow show us from one side to us."Guangming Daily" (February 17, 2022)

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