Ice and snow movement into thousands of households

Innovation into the masses

Spring Festival holiday, Jiangsu Xuzhou people came to the city of Olympic Ice Sports Center, Daga Mountain Ski Resort and other places to experience ice and snow movement; Ningxia Six-Puping Mountain, a large number of ski enthusiasts in the same game, feel the ice and snow charm; Yunnan Qujing's ice and snow project public welfare experience , Hebei Yuyuan's Ice Sports Culture Lamp, etc.

The ice and snow movement is a small number of sports, the masses understand and participate in the channels of ice and snow movement, and there are fewer participation methods. Today, take the Dongfeng of the Beijing Winter Olympics, all localities have held various types of ice and snow activities, let the ice and snow move into the community, enter the school, into people's lives. Form-rich, novel activities, attract more people to understand the ice and snow movement, participate in the ice and snow movement, and promote the increasing popularity of ice and snow. From the south to north, the ice and snow movement is showing an unprecedented vitality.

Let more people participate in the ice and snow movement, the righteousness of the Olympic movement. With the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I hope that more people can embrace ice and snow, love snow and snow, and jointly create a better future in China's ice and snow.

Creative conditions complement the short board

Zhang You

In 2018, the author came to Hainan Haikou to join the indoor skiing career. Seasons in the Haikou are like summer, people are often difficult to think of it and the ice and snow sports. However, the charm of sports will not be limited by the region, the seemingly cold market, is just a flash of enthusiasm.

Since the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, my country's ice and snow movement has risen year by year. In these years, many ice and snow sports enthusiasts have emerged. Especially with the preparation and opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, people participate in the enthusiasm of the ice and snow. In the past, because of the lack of venues, these hobbies or buried, or costly. Today, in Hainan, the public can experience skiing and other sports, and the threshold for participation is reduced, and more people love the ice and snow.

Outdoor ski resorts covers a large area, and the conditions for climate, terrain are high. For the southern region, there is a limited range of indoor venues, complement venues, equipment, etc., will have a positive promotion of the Ice Snow Movement. Continuously improve the construction of ice and snow sports, and better undertake the enthusiasm of the masses to the ice and snow, the torch of the ice and snow will ignite more.

Wide extensive extensive supply

Taking the North Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity, through the implementation of "South Show West Expansion" strategy, four seasons of ice and snow, scientific ice and snow, etc., the torch of China's ice and snow movement has ignited. Further, the public will popularize the knowledge of ice and snow, and meet the people's future, and put forward higher requirements for promoting Ice Snow Movement, and requires more power to participate.

Ice is also Jinshan Yinshan. Social strength is involved in the ice and snow movement, which can also reflect social responsibility and drive industry upgrades. At present, youth and youth people have become the major group of my country's participation in the ice and snow movement. For their promotion, it is necessary to pay more attention to personalization, fashion, and living. The broad participation of social power can provide more differentialization, specialization, diversified ice and snow products, excavate ice and snow sports consumption potential, forming a demand traction, supplying industry development pattern, which is beneficial to enrich, elongated snow and snow industrial chains, Cultivate, grow the ice and snow industry, let the ice and snow, the ice and snow culture is better integrated into life.

The data released in front of the State Sports General Administration showed that the goal of "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement" has become a reality. Mobilize more power to participate in the promotion of ice and snow movement, we can let more people participate, fall in love with ice and snow, so that sports will better help health in China.

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