Winter Olympics aeriality triggers sports heat, Herry Helius children's shoes care for children every step

On February 4th, the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing Bird's Nest. At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, in addition to beautiful performances, those who were full of ice and snow and a distant athletes were also Let people look in front, especially in China's Olympic athletes, is more impressive. 800g pure cashmere main fabric, put the white velvet ultra-thin down, not only morality, but also resist the cold of zero. And this aesthetics, the aesthetics of the design and practicality, and the brand concept of Herry Helius is constructed.

Since the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the number of ice and snow sports participants reached 346 million, achieving the goal of "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement", and the influence of Ice and Snow Movement in the youth group has also achieved great progress. However, the ice and snow movement has a more dangerous risk due to its special sports environment. Therefore, when the ice and snow moves, whether it is a parent or a child, it will naturally be safe in the first place. In addition to the ice world, Hurry is still impunating the safety of the product. In order to care for each step of your child's exercise, Helius Helius not only puts the "scientific protection of the health" concept, but also for the physiological characteristics of Chinese children and adolescents, integration of black technology protection materials, innovation In the manufacturing of children's shoes, the "Hector" series of fashion health equipment is launched.

According to Professor Zhejiang University, Herry Helius's "Hector" series uses an original "soft shield technology", which is a 15-month research and development of the Middle-French designer team, which is delivered in more than 300 experiments and more than 1,000. Heart blood and crystallization after the finished product test in the middle of the double shoe. When the PCU smart material is perfectly fused, Herius Helius's "Heji" series of children's shoes breaks through the limitations of traditional machine sole materials, which has become the most suitable for Chinese children's fashion, healthy and functional light luxury shoes. One of the products.

According to R & D team, Helius Helius children's horses have continued Helius Helius brand's consistent adheres to design and quality. Since 1968, Helius Helius has founded the French France in Paris, which is immediately popular in the fashion world due to its keen sense of fashion, and becomes the fashion world. In order to learn every inspiration in your life, Herry Helius design team, in this 21st century in this first, stick to the quality of the design concept, and strive to understand the life, integration into the present Among the high-end customization processes, and eventually play luxurious and elegant, low-key fashion temperament.

As the essence of the Olympic spirit is higher and more stronger, from the ancient Greek myths, the Helius, which is the same as bright, hopes, and continuous development of courage. Today, Helius Helius is constantly integrating the advantages of brand and resources, focusing on China's children's foot health, continuing with "science and technology protection" is the development of products, with "care for health", the development of brand development, for children We have made a pair of healthy and safe good shoes, care for the health of the motherland's future flowers.

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