What should I do if I have a freezing in outdoor sports?

The spring is cold, and the northern part of the south has opened the rain and snow mode, and the outdoor temperature is particularly low. In this season, in addition to preventing cold and respiratory system diseases, it is necessary to do anti-freezing work. After all, the frostbiz is not to play! In fact, in the burning plastic surgery, the author often encounters some "frostbite" patients, mostly because of some special working environment, if you need to stay in the cold air room for a long time. Today, the "frostbite" cases of non-special professional people have also begun to increase, because people who like to participate in the skiing in winter have gradually got more, but because they have not paid warm, there are many examples of frostbite and other sites, etc.

What is the frostbite?

The frostbite is due to the long-term local or systemic damage caused by the extremely cold state. It can cause redness of the skin tissue, the local blood flow is not smooth, itchy, tingling, numbness, etc. .

It can be seen that the consequences of frostbite are also terrible with burn.

The frostbite is prone to the exposure site such as hands, feet, and ear, and the cold is the first reason. In addition, if the extreme weather, local blood circulation disorders, as well as fatigue, hunger, mental tension, etc., is more prone to occur.

After the frostic injury, the first aid on site is crucial.

1. First, you must quickly leave the frozen environment, transfer to a warm place, and lose the patient's patient to start CPR (cardiopulmonary recovery).

2, need to help the body with moderate warm water, the recommended temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius, ie, is slightly higher than the body core temperature 3-5 degrees Celsius.

3, the frostic injury is generally swollen more serious, and is located at the end of the limbs such as hands and feet, it is necessary to raise the affected limbs and reduce swelling.

4. Improve microcirculation using some expansion of vapor drug such as low molecular dexamette anhydride. If the process is timely, the sign is the signs of the frostbite area, the skin color is turned into red, and the tissue is soft, and it feels recovery.

5, the process of the temperature is often accompanied by severe pain, there is a large area of ​​frostic injury even with shock, so this process is best carried out in the hospital.

Under normal circumstances, most of the frostbite patients can be cured, and the prognosis is also ideal, and it is easy to leave scars. However, if the frostbite is longer, it is not possible to warm up in time, the skin tissue is irreversible, then the latter treatment is similar to burn surgery, here is not described here.

Finally, let's put the points in the text, everyone must clear: our skin is very delicate, both afraid of heat, is afraid of cold, cold is frozen, pay attention to keep warm. Hands, feet, ears These easy to frostbite parts, gloves, thick socks, cotton shoes, cover, one, can not be less.

Once the frostbus occurs, the first step in first aid is to get from the cold environment and transfer to a warm place. It is recommended to warm water with warm water, generally in half an hour. The smaller area of ​​frostbite has possible possible, so the frostbite must also go to the burns and plastic surgery.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!