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"The First Lesson" event invitation

Welcome children to go home

Dear children:

Hello! In this winter holiday, we celebrate the grand Spring Festival, ushered in the long-awaited Beijing Winter Olympics. Tomorrow, we have to meet in kindergartens and open our new year learning and growth.

Dear child, you know? In kindergarten, Red Red Lantern is high, the game equipment is awkward, the original "Winter Olympics" tour of the Chinese style is waiting for you to participate. I hope that you can all be like the Olympic athletes, you are not afraid of difficulties in the game, bravely challenge, and use action to come to the Olympics!

Our "Winter Olympics"

How do these games? Prepare, you are the best!


First, the event time

On February 17, 2022

Second, the location of the event

Each class and kindergarten playground

Third, the activity process

1. Shenggui flag activity.

2. Children before the game warm-up activities.

3. Teachers issued game orders for children, and the first child started the game.

4. Teachers have issued game orders for children, and the second participation in the event starts the game.

5. After the game is completed, the teacher collects the game list and receives a small gift.

Fourth, warm reminder

1. Please send a child to the park at 7:40 on time.

2. Please parents prepare comfortable sneakers for children, suitable for sports clothes.

3. Parents are requested to explain the game projects and safety precautions for young children.

Juvenile strong China strong, dear children, we not only hope that you can "move" in the first day of entering kindergarten, and I hope that you can love sports every day, have good living habits and health.

Dear parents, let us care for seedlings, breeding up the roots, and work hard for every child's health!

Come on the Olympics

Truedom works and won the champion!

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