Ice and snow movement into the South Classroom

On February 12, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Tsinghua Najiaxing School, Single Rainino (Red Pants) and the students are practicing the ice hockey.

On February 12th, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Tsinghua Naja Jiaxing School's Qinghe Olympic Sports Center, dozens of students skating on the 10th floor of the ice farm.

Just after the Spring Festival, the weather in Jiangnan has been raining and cloudy, and the temperature is maintained at 2 ° C to 8 ° C. The cold body can't stop the students' love for skating. The head is hard to practice, the slippery, the legal action, and the students like the speed, ride quickly around the ice rink.

As the "Ice Sports into the Campus" project, Qinghe Olympics Center was built in September 2021, and the center covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters, and there is a standard ice hockey field and more than 500 audience seats. I can perform ice hockey, short track speed. Slide, the game and training of ice sports items such as spectacles is the first international standard ice hockey field built in Zhejiang Province.

On February 12th, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Tsinghua University, Jiaxing School, students in conducting ice hockey basic skills.

On February 15th, the Ice Stadium side, a girl wearing a helmet preparing to class.

On February 15th, on the ice hockey class, the teacher's party country was explaining the essentials of taxiing technology.

The ice rink is completed, and the skating class becomes a sports compulsory course of Tsinghua Najiaxing School Student. The party of the sports teacher clearly remembers the scene of the students to go to the ice class: everyone excitedly called, and they have touched the ice rink with hand, and even the naughty students use the tongue to lick the ice, the students put on the skates The protective gear, I'm falling to the tetrapetteen.

Living in Jiangnan, children have so much contact with ice and snow, do not understand the feature of ice, but this is in the Tsinghua Naidian Jiaxing School Party Secretary and Executive Principal, and does not hinder the promotion of ice and snow sports in Jiangnan. Good economic foundation, open ideology, parents' sense of consciousness, but more easily make it only limited to ice exercise in the north to open in the Jiangnan region.

On February 12, parents exchanged in the field and practicing the children of the ice hockey.

On February 15th, Tsinghua Na Jiaxing School, students in wearing protective gear.

On February 15th, Tsinghua Na Jiaxing School, students were on the ice hockey class.

On February 15th, Tsinghua Na Jiaxing School, students confronted training on ice.

The enthusiasm of Tsinghua Najiaxing School students rose, in addition to each class set up an ice hockey team, many students are also actively involved in the experience and learning of ice sports such as skating, speed skating. The school hired a national-level athlete as a full-time skating class teacher, and the school ice hockey teacher Wu Xing also served as a 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Referee.

Renna feel that more Jiangnan children participate in ice sports, not only can strengthen their body, exercise will, with the smooth progress of Beijing Winter Olympics, children who have exposed to ice and snow will pay more attention to Winter Olympics, and can experience athletes. We have a spirit of hard work for our motherland and hometown.

On February 12, Tsinghua Najiaxing School, parents wear ice hocker to children.

On February 12, the mother of Shanuo was helping her take off the shoes.

The girl Shano Noocho likes the ice hockey for the first time, except for the learning of the skating class, parents have purchased roller skates, drought ice hockey, so that she can wear rocking shoes at home. . She has been able to skate, steer, emergency stop, and pick up the ball for 5 months. When the school puts a winter vacation, Shanyuo is not idle, go to Hangzhou to find a commercial ice farm to go to the ice hockey private education lesson. When the Winter Olympics ice hockey game, she would sit on the TV on time, while watching the game to introduce the experience of athletes to their parents. "Speed ​​and Passion", which is pursuing the goal, let her experience the fun and find their goals: I want to participate in the Winter Olympics for the country in the future. Now, she is looking forward to entering the goal in the school friendly match.

On February 14, Single Raino practiced the ice hockey at home.

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