Liaoning actively promotes the ice and snow movement into the campus

Elegant figure skating, passionate ice hockey chase, speed and skill, short drive ... Liaoning Province's first Youth Winter Games held in Shenyang City on January 5. The competition set up 5 big items, 134 small items, except for the school-age professional athletes, also ushered in the school students of the city's ice and snow projects, and the number of participants reached 3,000.

In May 2019, the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Acceleration" of the National Youth Ice Snow Movement in the Ministry of Education "," extensively carry out young ice and snow sports, actively cultivating students' ice and snow sports interest, strengthen the Winter Olympics and Winter disabilities Olympic Education.

In recent years, Liaoning Province has actively promoted the ice and snow movement into the campus. At present, 108 schools in Liaoning Province have been named "National Youth Campus Ice Snow Sport", 20 schools were named "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympic Olympic Education Demonstration School".

During the winter vacation, the 20th Middle School campus in Shenyang is still lively. On the ice rink, the children of the foot skates are gentle, and there is a beautiful curve on the white ice. In 2016, the "National Youth Campus Ice Snow Sports" began to pour the ice rink on the playground and held the Ice and Snow Carnival. At present, schools are equipped with 250 skates for free borrowing.

"Teacher teaches from how to teach skates, and zero-based classmates can also participate." Shenyang's 20th Middle School High School (9) class students Zhang Wei, during the winter holiday, will come to skate less. "

At present, more than 30% of primary and secondary school students in Shenyang have initially mastered the basic skills on ice and snow.

Provide more professional training guidance for the youth group, Liaoning uses the social ice rink in Snowland resources, holds youth winter camp, benefiting more than 30,000 people. On January 22, Liaoning Province Youth Winter Camp (Liaoyang Station) launched in Liaoyang Bow Changling Hot Spring Ski Field, attracting more than 260 primary school students in the province.

"Today, more and more parents choose to give their children to register the ski winter camp to enrich the holiday life." The head of the Changling Ski Ski, introduced this snow, the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau provides 600,000 yuan, support the ski resort to hold teen winter Camp series activities and ski competition series activities.

The 15-year-old Wang Lizhihiki is a gymnast, just won the second place on Liaoning Youth Winter Sports Freestyle Ski Air Skills. In recent years, Liaoning Province implements cross-border across materials, opening the ice and snow sports and other project reserve talent training channels, and actively discovering and cultivating a batch of adolescents.

"Liaoning winter time, ice and snow conditions are unique." Wang Dong, director of the Winter Sports Project Management Center of Liaoning Province, said Wang Dong, said that the Beijing Winter Olympics will continue to carry out the popularity of young ice and snow, and select more backup talents. .

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