DIDO sports smart watch nine sports mode opens the day of sports


When the child is used, the watch is mainly used to see time. Now the watch can not only see time, but also measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, GPS positioning, receiving information, etc. Recently, Ye Han started a Dido sports smart watch, not only at any time to view WeChat news, but also nine motion patterns, which becomes fitness people.


Buying things first look at the value, everyone should be the same mentality with me. DIDO sports smart watches use disc designs, straps are silicone materials, mainly black-oriented, all kinds of clothes.

The size of the dial is 360 * 360mm, the screen saver is high, the sharpness is also very good, and it is more convenient to use. The full screen touch is equipped with two buttons on the right side of the watch, which is easy to use. The strap has made more stuffy eyes, suitable for all kinds of users, still very intimate.

In addition to the watch, the merchant also distributes the charger, manual. It is worth mentioning that its charging method, clamping the watch with a clip, and the bottom of the charger can be attached to the charging chip. This approach avoids the charging port into dust, and maintains charging stability, it is very practical.

Experience and feelings

Ye Chan habits will wear the watch on the left hand and lift your hand. Full-screen touch design plus two buttons, can be said to be the standard of smart watch. DIDO sports smart watch touch screen is fast, and the upper and lower left and right slides can enter different interfaces. Click the button below, there will be motion, activity record, heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, music, news, compass, bright screen time, etc., click to view details.

Monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation are two functions of Ye Chan. Click on the blood oxygen detection function, then keep your wrist static, you can get data for about 30 seconds. My blood oxygen saturation is 99%, which is a healthy range.

Since it is a smart sports watch, it is the main function of a watch to exercise. DIDO sports smart watch supports outdoor running, outdoor health, hiking, basketball, football, outdoor riding, table tennis, badminton, and free training nine motion models. Ye Chan is usually used outdoors running and outdoor health. But it is really cold recently, and you can only go out.

After ending outdoor health, you can view the exercise duration, exercise distance, activity calorie, average heart rate, and the number of heart rates, steps. These data can help users understand their own situation and adjust the exercise plan in more detail. I like to hiking, basketball, football, etc. Old iron, can also consider starting DIDO sports smart watches.

Collecting sleep data is also one of the features of the DIDO sports smart watch. When you sleep at night, wear your watch in your left hand. The next day you can view the sleep situation last night on the F Fit App. As can be seen from the picture, my total sleep length is 7 hours and 10 minutes. I have been sleeping for 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is 4 hours and 40 minutes long sleep. There is no clear situation in the middle of the night.

This kind of sleep quality is good. If you have a sleep barrier, it is recommended to start a Dido sports smart watch to monitor sleep conditions!


For those who like Ye Eus, the GPS positioning feature of DIDO sports smart watches is the most practical. Previously Ye Han also bought some sports watches, but in some places where some signals, there is often no positioning or positioning. After starting the Dido sports smart watch, there is almost no such trouble. Open sports watch can open daily running exercise, every day, your body is healthier.

In addition, the DIDO sports smart watch can be connected to the F at APP. On the fit app, you can freely view data such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and always pay attention to your body. You can also replace various dials, turn on / off message notification, find the device, and shake your watch quickly take pictures. The use of app is both for convenient management, viewing data, and

User operation operations, realize the dream linkage of mobile phones and watches.


The DIDO Sports Smart Watch is a multi-function watch that can detect heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, collect sleep data, etc., the practical lever, cost performance is still very good.

Most of the smart sports watches on the market cannot reply directly on the watch, and the DIDO sports smart watch is no exception. But this feature is indeed practical, I hope that DIDO will arrange this feature as soon as possible!

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