Sports health: Spring exercise, exercise should pay attention to these

Spring weather is gradually turning warm, is a good time to participate in the exercise. As the weather is gradually turning warm, many people who have reduced sports due to winter, at this time, they are entering nature, while absorbing the breath of spring, performing various fitness exercises. However, exercise still needs reasonable arrangements, pay attention to the following.

First, you must gradually enter, because of person

Prepare the activity before exercise to prevent trauma. After such a sports "low tide" in winter, the body muscles relax, the ligament is hard, and it is easy to injure. Therefore, you should grasp the principle of step by step to restore your body functionality.

Second, pay attention to cold and warm

The temperature in the morning and evening is still low, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and the climate change, so outdoor sports should pay attention to cold and warm, avoid cooling.

Third, choose a favorite and suitable project for a long time

Many people are "three minutes of heat", and the effect is not obvious. Therefore, reasonable choice of fitness projects, so that you can persist for a long time. In general, the elderly take a walk, jogging, dance sword, and do medical gymnastics.

Fourth, more water to keep the body moisture

Due to the low temperature, people often neglect the importance of drinking water during exercise. In fact, the spring is dry, and the exercise should be strong in the exercise, so the exercise should pay attention to timely replenishment.

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