Adhere to exercise can prevent aging exercise to pay attention to these 5 things

While people are slowly aged, our daily exercise will also decline, and there will be a variety of illness, osteoporosis, etc., in fact, we only need to adhere to reasonable sports, it can delay these The occurrence of senile symptoms, because frequent exercise will make our muscles more flexible, the body function can be efficient, so that persistence can be anti-aging.

The brain is more energetic. Only exercise sustainably makes the brain to make growth signals in the body, benefit for motion capacity, thinking activities, emotional control, etc. A study found that people who insisted in exercise within 3 months have continuously grown, not only the area of ​​control movement, but also the foreigner (human complex thinking activities).

Cardiopulmonary function is enhanced. Everyone who insists in sports generally experiences the process from "panting" to "small dishes", because exercise improves cardiopulmonary function. People who have a good cardiopulmonary function will not feel tired, not easy to have a cardiovascular disease. Long-term regular exercise can increase the weight of the heart, the volume is slow, and the heart rate is slow, and the ventricular wall of myocardium is thickened to make it strong.

The bones become strong. After the middle age, the amount of bone calcium is constantly lost, only by eating calcium tablets, the effect is not good. Long-term does not exercise, the demand for calcium on bones will also be reduced, and a large amount of calcium will be excreted by urine. Multiple outdoor sports can increase bone elasticity and toughness, improve or reduce osteoporosis symptoms.

Soothing pressure. Studies have shown that in the treatment of anxiety and depression, the energy efficacy is sufficient to compare the drug. It produces energy, stimulating optimism, helping to maintain a positive attitude. This is because motion causes physical synthesis of serotonin and dopamine, which is the brain chemical substance that determines happiness, helping to improve depression and soothing. Exercise can also reduce the content of cortisol, which helps to improve memory and focus, and improve the efficiency of doing things.

Sports don't pay attention to these five things, may also reach the effect

1, sit down immediately

If you sit down immediately after exercise, you will hinder the blood reflux of the lower extremity, affecting the blood circulation, and aggravates the body fatigue. At the same time, sit down immediately, and increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore, after each exercise is over, the breathing rhythm should be adjusted, walk the arm, do some relaxation, adjust the activities, and speed up the blood of the limbs into the heart.

2, immediately drink ice water

After the exercise, often sweating, with the consumption of a lot of water, the three high friends will feel the dry tongue, which is cool, and immediately drink a lot of ice water. In this way, the blood pressure damage is great, because the human metabolic system is still in an excited state, and it will raise the increase in blood pressure, and it is easy to cause diseases such as gastric cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

3, eat when you exercise

When exercising, the whole body blood is concentrated to supply the needs of moving organs, while the supply of various organs in the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced. This makes the peristalsis of the sugar-gantry gastrointestinal intestines, and the secretion of digestive gland is greatly reduced, and it is necessary to recover after 20 to 30 minutes of exercise. If you eat immediately, you will increase the burden of digestive organs, causing digestive dysfunction.

4, blow cold gas degradation temperature

After many saccharobes move, they like to blow air-conditioning or fans immediately. But at this time, the surface of the sugar friend is still in the blood vessel expansion, the body temperature is increased, and the pore diastolic. At this time, the air-filled room is entered, or the blower is cooling, which will cause skin tightening to sweat, body temperature regulation function disorders, immune function decline, thereby causing colds, diarrhea, asthma and other diseases.

5, take a shower immediately after exercise

The metabolism of the three high-cigarettes is different from ordinary people. The body can consume fast, and blood sugar will also be reduced. If you take a bath immediately, it may reduce blood sugar, resulting in hypoglycemia.

In addition, the bath will continue to increase the blood flow in the skin, leading to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, which is easy to cause cerebral obscure, even coma, and deadly risks. Therefore, three high-high friends must have a rest for half an hour, properly supplement water and food, wait for the body to restore the calm and then take a bath.

The effect of exercise is that you can do expect. Only the daily exercise is guaranteed to persist, all the exercises we do is more meaningful, in order to give us the healthy performance of the body brought, we can also go to the park to participate in the square dance, ride Sports, can also do some training on strength and physical toughness, and good physical fitness must have a long-term physical exercise to do the grassroots.

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