Shanghai ice and snow sports penetration rate is improved (the ice and snow moves hot)

Participants in the second year of 2000 million

Shanghai ice and snow sports penetration rate is improved (the ice and snow moves hot)

Our reporter Cao Lingjuan Jialong

The Beijing Winter Olympics is wonderful, burning the heart of Shanghai citizens outside of thousands of miles. Skating, throwing a gel, indoor skiing ... in Shanghai North Bund, Lujiazui, Changfeng Park and other big scenic spots, business district, which can be seen in the spring and snow sports. In recent years, Shanghai has increased the construction of ice and snow sports venue facilities, accelerating the promotion of ice and snow sports, so that the ice and snow movement into the home of ordinary people.

During this time, the long team is often rowed next to the circular skating rink of a large shopping mall in Putuo District, Shanghai. This skating rink can be skating, or a car in the seal storm is playing on ice, attracting many parents to experience the child.

"The child is now in the fourth grade in elementary school, and I started learning slipping 3 years ago." Ms. Yang, who took pictures of the daughter on the skating rink, told the reporter that this exercise enhanced the child's physical strength and endurance.

Using the mall, the commercial area and the appropriate venue around the business center, the ice movement is carried out in Shanghai in recent years. City ski space, sports ski factory, Ice Experience Center ... Relying on the characteristics of different spaces, various different forms of ice and snow sports venue are blooming everywhere in Shanghai.

Yan Jiaodong, president of Shanghai Ice and Snow Sports Association, said that the participants in Shanghai's ice and snow activities in 2017 were more than 600,000; with the continuous promotion of ice and snow, this number has reached more than 280 million. In order to encourage more citizens to walk on the ice and snow venue, at the end of 2021, Shanghai launched the Sports Consumer Snow Special Voucher, which can be used in many ice and snow projects.

"Shanghai launched the ice and snow movement, we fully exerted the role of the Ice and Snowport Association and social organization, through the joint construction and other means, realize the full coverage of ice on the ice and snow project, the snow project focused on the focus. 2022 Shanghai is preparing for 2022 Shanghai The 17th Games of the Municipal City will significantly increase the Ice and Snow Project. "Xu Bin, director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau.

"Shanghai accelerate the development of ice and snow sports, help the ice and snow sports' Nan Show West Expansion", greatly improve the penetration rate of ice and snow, significantly improve the ice and snow sports, and accelerate the development of the ice and snow sports industry, and make a positive contribution to the Winter Olympics. "Chen Qun, deputy mayor of Shanghai said.

"Shanghai Sports Development" 14th "Plan" issued in September 2021, will accelerate the development of ice and snow movement as one of the main development tasks of sports during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. "Planning" clearly stated that by 2025, Shanghai Ice and Snow Sports Club reached 30, and the Ice and Snowport Characteristic School reached 100, and the team participated in the ice and snow movement in the campus. The group of interest group reached 1,000, and the annual students participated in the ice and snow movement and popularization. Training more than 1 million.

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