What exercise is suitable for weight loss?4 kinds of sports super slimming

Most of the aerobic exercise that is best for weight loss, many people will help them lose weight by controlling diet or exercise. Instead of all sports help to lose weight, the following recommendation is best suited for weight loss.

Oxygen exercise swimming best for weight loss

Swimming is the best exercise weight loss method because it is almost useful to the body of the body. In addition, swimming can also produce positive psychological emotions, because this is a pleasant event. It is no longer feeling that the body is tired in the water and play a comfortable role. More importantly, swimming is beneficial to heart and lung health. Spring is here, the summer is not far away, and you will be prepared for weight loss.

Oxygen sports dancing best for weight loss

Dancing can train your entire body and shape a perfect body. In addition, it is a good way to relax. When you have a little free time, you can put your favorite music at home, dance your hands and feet. Or participate in dance training courses, clubs, etc. Try to dance every day, the muscles on the body can be drilled.

Oxygen exercise for weight loss

Run, let you feel the extra weight, soothing. If you don't need to spend too much time and money, you can exercise around the street, park, and stadium. I persist for 30 minutes every day, you will be very easy to walk, and you have no sense of weight. But one thing to pay attention, choose a pair of good running shoes when running, so you can protect your joints and ankles, thus achieving healthy weight loss.

Oxygen sports ice hockey for weight loss

Ice hockey is a sport that uses a club and ice hockey with 6 people. The target of the game is shot. It is a sports project that often occurs in high-speed movement, exciting sports. The ice hockey is in the indoor skating pavilion, and the ice hockey field is equipped with a blade. There is a goal on both ends, and there is a ball door in front of each goal.

Heat consumption: 700 cards / hour, this is a kind of movement that is the highest in indoor movement, which is equivalent to consumed a ham. Sports effect: Ice hockey training players' strength, endurance, speed, skill, decisiveness and courageous quality.

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