Winter Olympics

Since the recent period, the most remarkable is undoubtedly Beijing Winter Olympics, and the results of related events are often highly concerned. The goal of the three million people before the past three hundred million people will gradually be implemented. Although many urban epidemic still have repeated, the ordinary people who participate in skiing and other ice and snow movements have achieved greater growth.

The facilities from the Olympic venues to the Olympic Village were uploaded by multi-country athletes to the victory of the men's short track, and the attention of Winter Olympics was not small. In addition, the income of the ice pier has driven the revenue of the relevant enterprises, and the sports industry also ushered in development opportunities.

Recently, take the Dongfeng of Beijing Winter Olympics, accelerate the boots and snow tourism season, and ice and snow tourism consumption. The data shows that the ski ticket order in the first three days of the Spring Festival increased by 33% compared with last year. "Group Ski" "Snow Tao" and other content frequently appear in a circle and major Raiders software.

In the whole, in Beijing Winter Olympics, Ice and Snow Outstanding Tourism Reflow, Tourism Consumption Upgrade, and Ice and Snow Facilities National Layout, the number of ice and snow and leisure tourism increased from 2016-2017 Ice and snow season to 2020- 2021 Ice and snow season is 254 million, and the 2021-2022 ice snow season will reach 350.5 billion, my country's ice and snow leisure tourism revenue is expected to reach 323.3 billion yuan.

Although many southern cities are really snowing for nearly two days, the ice and snow movement is no longer limited in the north. On the one hand, the ice and snow resource enrichment has issued ice and snow tourism coupons. In the source of ice and snow tourist passengers; on the other hand, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha and other traditional source of seminars have established modern ice and snow and entertainment facilities.

Some analysts said that Ice and Snow Tourism is an important part of the ice and snow industry. At present, my country's ice and snow tourism consumption market is structural adjustment, and high-frequency ice and snow travel consumption becomes a normal state.

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