Does exercise help sleep?

Some people think that there will be better evening after exercise, so I feel that the exercise helps sleep. So do you know that exercise helps sleep? Let's take a look.

More and more studies have shown that correct and regular motion can effectively increase sleep time and improve sleep quality. A study on a group of lack of exercise and insomnia, the study of the elderly, borrowed from 2 days, 20-30 minutes of aerobics (such as cycling, running), after 4 months They increase the average sleep time in approximately 1 hour, and the time required for sleep is reduced by half. Another study is a comparison of different motion forms on sleep. The researchers divided a group of healthy and sleeping old people into two groups, a group of stretching exercises in increasing softness, another group of low impact aerobic exercises. As a result, it was found that this group of testors engaged in aerobic movement, the time of "deep sleep" in their sleep cycle has a significant increase.

So how do exercises help sleep? First, the intensity of exercise causes the body fatigue, the brain's exhaustion reaction is to increase depth sleep time. Furthermore, the aerobic exercise can avoid the flatization of the body temperature festival curve. The body temperature peak of the post-moving person is at a higher level. Once the reduction can be lower than the previous, the body temperature is lowered, and people will feel sleepy, so you will feel it. I will sleep better at night. For long-term insomnia, try motion to improve sleep quality. It should be noted that although the movement can help you sleep, it also has some limitations. For example, improper sports intensity and inadvertent exercise period, it is easy to affect nighttime sleep.

The exercise is best to do at 1 to 5 pm, we can run jogging. Jogging for the physical quality of the athlete is relatively high, the speed of running should not be too fast, but it is necessary to remain uniform, and the athletes are subject to unbearable. Jogging time is not less than 20 minutes, weekly, it is recommended to choose the appropriate sports program based on age and physical condition. You can also climb the stairs. Climbing stairs is a relatively daily fitness exercise, and its movement is simple and effective, and it is easy to carry out, not subject to site restrictions. In the early stage of exercise, it can be kept slower. Each time I persist for 20 minutes, with the improvement of physical fitness, the speed or extension exercise time can be gradually increased. Pay attention to safety protection and strength during exercise.

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