Curling motility

There is still two views in the origin of the curling motility.

The first point of view believes that the curling motion originated from the European continent, and its main evidence is to save people in the European famous paintings. Some games are similar to the ice pot.

Bitbrogel's 565 oil painting "Winter Scene", Source: ID = DB3F0C114E6567D5047CA740

However, opponents believe that these painted motions are another similar movement with a curling, which can still find a trace in Austria.

Another point of view is that the curling motility starts from Scotland. In Scotland, the records about the curling can be traced back to the beginning of the 16th century, and is the oldest text records currently known. In addition, Du Brane in Scotland found the world's earliest curling physical - 砥 石, the stone grinding mark, the shape is square, and there is a trench with a hills with modern curling pots. 26 pounds is half of the modern curling. The most important thing is that the name of the owner is engraved on the name of the owner and the year of 1511.

The earliest curling in the world, Source:

In 1716, Scotland established the world's earliest curling club, and Scottish is still the earliest settlement of curling rules.

Although there is a controversy in the original curling, it is unquestionable that Scotland has the most important place of the stylus material for modern curling motives, or even the ice making of the winter Olympics.

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