Accelerated exercise

Today is the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger.

Most friends have also started a new year today, I also think about new problems.

Doing investment, you need to constantly discover problems, think about the problem, for the people who have fun, the investment is indeed a perfect job.

I personally think that the investment industry is essentially two runs at the same time.

The first race is our own evolutionary ability and the evolution of the market. When your evolutionary ability exceeds the evolution of the market, you can keep or expand your own excessive benefits. In turn, you will run the market.

The second race is its own investment capacity and management scale. When the progress of its own investment ability, when the management scale increases, its excess gain can remain or expanded, but it may cause tragedy.

Of course, for ordinary investors, these two runs are too harsh and cruel, because for ordinary investors, it is important not to run the market, but at least keep up with the market and obtain the average gain of the market.

But for the fund manager, as long as the work is engaged in this job, the two runs will always exist and need to be alert.

Fortunately, investment is an industrial industry that is an extremely obvious effect. When we establish the correct concept, master the scientific methodology, the speed of evolution will be faster, it is to do accelerated exercise, the long-term advantage is more obvious.

Ok, I will talk about here, I will see it tomorrow.

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