Health Games Health, Zhou Yunfa 63-year-old celebration is 36

On May 18 this year, Hong Kong Tian Wang Zhou Yunfa 63-year-old birthday, wife Chen Huilian specially arranged surprises, invited Fang CITIC, Xie Xian and other friends, let Zhou Yunfa are very happy, and fans are surprised that Yunfa new hairstyles are very handsome The more you live, you like 36 years old.

Zhou Run has a good shape that is a good shape of the Hollywood-level superstar. Is it very difficult to learn about his health? The answer may make you can't think of it.


It will be 2 to 3 hours a day.

After the brother is filled with "Da Shanghai", it develops a daily habit.

The hair of Chen Huilian revealed that the brother will go to Tsim Sha Tsui every day, and will come back and returned, and only accidentally take the bus, so the body is so good.

[Health Country] Walk is "The best movement in the world", a set of data from the World Health Organization showed that the 65-year-old man over or more than 4 hours per week is less than 1 hour over 65 years old. The rate of cardiovascular incidence is reduced by 69%, and the mortality rate is reduced by 73%.

It is recommended to walk in the correct posture every day for 40-60 minutes, probably 6000-10000 steps, can play the purpose of exercise.


Adhere to climbing exercise and feel the improvement of cardiopulmonary function

It is reported that Zhou Run has also revealed that there is a "October" in the day of the day, that is, waiting for the October autumn wind, climbed together! He laughed: "My birthday wish is to continue to run the mountain to see the gods, I have a good life in the mountains, very happy!"


Some netizens will even climb the mountain, Zhou Yun, said: The biggest inspiration to my life is that after the two years, I have been frequently climbing the mountain. I found a lot of people, since I love the mountain, the whole person The cardiopulmonary function is better than before, running in the mountain for an hour, I don't breathe, I know that I am now in the state, now you call me not to do exercise, I will be uncomfortable, so I will go to the mountains even if I have a birthday.

[Medical Interpretation] Climbing can help prevent osteoporosis and enhance heart and lung function

Climbing the blood circulation of the bones can be improved, the bones are enhanced, so that calcium, phosphorus is increased in the skeletal, the elasticity, toughness of the bones, increased to prevent osteoporosis, delay the aging process of bones, and delay the aging process of bones. Hematopoietic function of bone marrow.

Mountain-climbing can increase coronary blood flow, improve the blood flow distribution of myocardial, increase myocardial use of oxygen, thus achieving the purpose of preventing cardiovascular disease.

Climbing facilitates improving the ventilation and ventilation function of the lungs, increasing oxygen, and improves the level of metabolism of all organs. In addition, most of the mountains are rich in water, rich in vegetation, and there is more negative oxygen ions. Can improve the ventilation function of the lungs, regulate the nerve, inspir the spirit, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, stimulate blood machine, and have the role of peace, calm, step-down and eliminate fatigue.

People who are not suitable for climbing:

● Sports disorder chronic disease: joint disease, dermatitis, rheumatism, etc .;

● Respiratory chronic disease: pulmonary heart disease, chronic bronchitis;

● Circulating system Chronic disease: human hypertension, coronary heart disease, especially chronic coronary blood supply;

● Chronic nephritis;

● Blood disease;

● Diabetes accompanied by meridiaries;

● gout;

● Lupoury;

● Cirrhosis.

If the above patients have to climb the mountain, keep in mind that they must slowly climb, and don't have to force the top of the mountain.

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