Walking to lose weight, walking to the road can lose weight?


I have to take half an hour after every day, and I will not sit in a meal, which is very bad for us, then my belly is bigger, I will go to walk. Of course, if you pay attention to healthy friends, you can stand a little more resort. But in order to maintain your health, it is recommended to take more than 6 thousand steps every day. If you want to lose weight, you will go 10,000 steps every day.

It should be noted that there is a walking of weight loss, not slowly strolling, to achieve a certain speed, 5 to 6 km for one hour (100 to 120 steps per minute), insist on walking every night. When you go, you must feel astishing, and your hands and feet are clear, but you can talk, this intensity is appropriate. And we can walk at any time on the road to get off work, even when you work. Generally, the weight loss will be maintained at 30-60 minutes. There is no time to exercise in a large section, or you can take a 10 minute, add up to 30 minutes a day.


other aspects:

1. Breakfast I am milk, oats and eggs, oatmeal no more than 100 grams;

2, the staple food, I am a grain, don't eat rice, eat red beans, brown rice, black rice and other cooking, and strict meals, no more than 100 grams;

3, meat does not eat pork, eat fish, beef, try to avoid fat growth;

4, I have anything to eat, all vegetables are more love, but I also control the amount of control of vegetables;

5, in order to lose weight, I strongly recommend everyone to eat grapefruit, grapefruit can also decompose oil in the absence of people, it is very beneficial to lose weight;

6, in terms of drinking water, don't drink water immediately after a meal, drink water for an hour after the meal, drink more water during weight loss;

7. When you are hungry, I will eat an apple, only eat an apple, other don't eat;

8. The most important thing is that you must keep walking every day. If you don't like sports, then you choose to walk. The best way to walk the way is the simplest method;

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