Clearly use Chinese medicine health exercise to relieve stress

As the saying goes, "life is moving". The predecessor has a cloud: "The water is not rotted, and the house is not yet." The medicine Wang Sun Si, believes that the exercise can make "the peri-disease, the replenishment, the eye is light, and no fatigue". In order to healthier, longer, better health, how should we exercise?

From Chinese medicine, yang is the foundation of life. Modern civilization advocates physical exercise and competitive sports. Studies have found that exercise can reduce the risk of cancer, from the perspective of physiology and anatomy, there is a certain enthusiasm.

There are many benefits of sports. Modern studies have found that exercise can effectively enhance the human immune function; improve antioxidant activity, effectively remove free radicals; maintain body type, prevent obesity; improve digestion and excretion, all of which are beneficial to anti-cancer.

From Chinese medicine, sports energy is all-legged: spleen primrit limbs, muscles; liver main tendons; kidney hidden insufficiency; heart God; lung theoretical, driver breathing. Sports exercise not only promotes blood circulation, but also strengthens the turbid of lungs due to deep breathing, it will help health. If the five dirty yang is smooth, naturally do not have a cancer.

In a busy urban life, it is impossible to completely get rid of the pressure, and the best way to resist the disease is to maintain a good physical and mental state. Modern people can effectively relieve stress through TCM health movements.

Calligraphy - no love and health

"Su Wen, Yin Yang Shiximin" contains: "Angry", "Hiji", "Susle Spleen", "Sad and Kidney"; "Su Wen · Pain Theory" Cloud: "Hundreds of illness is also gas." "Lingshu · this god" cloud: "Liver is afraid of deficiency", "the heart is sad," Lee gas "," kidney gas deficiency, " Angered and hungry, yin and yang, yin and yang, yong.

It can be seen that there is a problem with emotion, which can cause blood to operate, so that the function of the organs will lose balance. Pressure is a core problem that people have long neglected but now they must care and respond. In my country, some people are deeply rooted against mental illness and their patients, which makes many people don't want to talk about their own mental stress. People should try to change this bad status.

How to effectively relieve stress, which has become more and more attention to modern people. Health should pay attention to "health must raise the heart, and raise the heart". The mentality is peaceful, does not pursue this material, money and reputation, no damage to others, doing people, more people to dedicate, try to help people, keep people in the premise of power, keep the heart to open-minded, refreshing, is a health and longevity . "There are many methods and ways to health, and the practice calligraphy is one of them. It can make people feel quiet, self-cultivation, and long-term, can make emotions, gas and feelings, thus effectively relieve stress."

Calligraphy is a traditional art in our country. It reflects the beauty in use with practical text, from tangible strokes, structures and chapters to reflect intangible gods and artistic conception. Practice calligraphy is not only an art enjoy, or the Tai Chi on the paper, the Qigong on the ink ', so it is true and health.

When practicing calligraphy, the ideology is highly concentrated, and even remembers my realm, the mood and thoughts are integrated into the artistic conception of the text. I can't help but I don't have any pleasure, I can't help but you can't forget it. Dominant and troubles, such as water, so that they enters the state of being easier and pleasant. Regardless of the young people, the elderly practice calligraphy, perseverance, not only repairing the nature, but also cultivate the spirit of their own persistence, walking down, doing well.

Tai Chi Ba Duan Jin - both cultivated and forging limbs

Practice Taijiquan and eight paragraphs, can make the body is soft and balanced, the action is smooth, the yin and yang is ordered, the external heaven and earth natural law, the internal body physiological rhythm, through the orderly regulatory organs, can safeguard human physiology, correct Pathological changes can eventually achieve the effect of bodybuilding and cultivation.

In the past, many people think that Tai Chi and eight sections are projects in the park in the park, but now more and more white colles have become the "fans" of Tai Chi and eight paragraphs. " Mr. Li, 36, is a city white-collar worker, which makes him have a symptom of insomnia and anorexia, etc. in recent years. In the end he chose to practice Tai Chi fitness, and the symptoms have been reduced. Taijiquan, which is characterized by soil and natural, soothing, so that it is particularly beneficial to adjust blood, cultivating body and mind, is a good way to relieve stress. Tai Chi and eight paragraphs will be able to cooperate with breathing, which can be considered to be 'motion' Fan.

Tai Chi and eight paragraphs emphasize relaxing muscles, tightening muscles and regulating the breath, there is quiet, quiet, "unhappy", "in the heart", " Pneumatic four tips ", etc. Always engage in Tai Chi and eight-stage Jin exercise rate and blood stasis exception rates are significantly lower than that of the control group, indicating that Taijiquan and eight paragraphs also have the role of regulating blood supply. In addition, many studies have shown that practicing Taijiquan and eight paragraphs have good results in lowering blood lipids, increasing lung capacity, enhancing myocardial nutrition, preventing and delaying cardiovyage.

Yoga - Fitness new fashion yoga comes from ancient India, is a form of sports that meets the uniforms of physical, mind and spirit. Yoga has many places that match the theory of Chinese medicine. Long-term cultivation of yoga can make people's heart, exclude misconduct, gods, self-cultivation, and improve people's ability to deal with physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual problems, thus effectively relieving pressure.

Currently, people who practice yoga are increasingly, and the leaflets of yoga cultivation halls and yoga training courses are available everywhere. Yoga is also a kind of static movement, there is static movement in the movement, and there is a soothing exercise that is suitable for use in different age groups. It is a health method of people to pursue bodybages and health, got a lot of people's love.

Our minds are as vulnerable to the abutment of foreign factors, and in the various damage suffered by the soul, the most terrible is the self-pollution. We have to be an environmentally friendly engineer, and clearly remove those dirtyness of the soul, resist foreign invading, so that the body and mind are full of vitality.

The intention of yoga is "combined", that is, its own mental movement is appropriately combined with the limb movement, achieving tension, calm inner, cultivation, and relieving pressure. Yoga emphasizes the body is a large system, which consists of several parts, so that the various parts maintain a good state in a healthy body. Yoga through the physical level method, adjustment method, etc., adjusts the physiological functions of each organ, thus regulating emotions, so that the mental nervous system eliminates tight. In addition, yoga has a good effect on weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, and arthritis.

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