Tangshan City Sea Fishing Sports Association officially established

Bohai News Network News (Reporter Yang Wenjin correspondent Xiao Guiju) On December 4, the establishment of the Tangshan Sea Fishing Sports Association and the first member conference was held in Tangshan International Tourism Island. Liu Jianxiong was elected as the head.

The establishment of the association aims to marking the city's sea fishing and movement into the new development stage, and has a higher step. They will continue to improve the standardization level of party construction and organization construction, and strive to overcome unfavorable factors such as epidemics, explore business opportunities, create business opportunities, grasp business opportunities, and contribute to the development of sports industry.

In recent years, in order to make full use of resources, the high-level development of the city's sea fishing is promoted, Tangshan International Tourism Island is conscientiously implemented, and the Municipal Party Committee "to the Sea Development" deployment requirements, surrounding the strong water sports industry chain, continuously enriched business products Widely carry out tourism activities. At present, there are 5 fishing clubs in the jurisdiction, 5 marine pastures, three of which are national ocean pastures. The Tangshan City Sea Fishing Sports Association is the first, and the only municipal association established in the county (city) area. Its establishment not only provides safe and convenient communication platforms for the sea fishing enthusiasts, but also adding new projects to the development of water sports industry, will further help the city's cultural and sports development.

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