Ice and snow sports charm make the whole people share

On February 4, Beijing Winter Olympics is amazing in the beginning of the spring, and once again, the world is bright and sleeping. As a southerner living in Guangzhou, I also enjoyed a snow sports event on this day.

On this morning, we have come to the Galaxy Bay Ice Square on the 5th floor of Zhengjia Square. I haven't reached a meter of a meal, I'm slamming the snow white ice, and the big brother of the big brother. The Ice Snow Sports Project in Welcome to Winter Olympics is held. I took the opportunity to tell him the story of the Winter Olympics mascot. Just, the door of the ice rink came to a Boker who picked the dressed face, and I got a circling little panda hand over three or five. The child is bright, "the ice pier!" On the way home, after the theme of the Tianhe Winter Olympics emblem, he jumped into the winter snow that rushed to the silver chrysanthemum simulation, with a large piece of powder white Fengxian The Ski Snowman "Ski" is playing, and it is home. Going home to see the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, live broadcast has not ended yet, I will pick up my hometown call, my mother asked Guangzhou to buy the winter Olympics with the same down jacket, "online is sold out!" 嚯, Beijing Winter Olympics The appeal is really big!

At night, I guarded the opening ceremony of TV, "I am on the scene" is more intense. On the opening stage, the performanceer is not a star, professional actor, but a student and ordinary citizens of Big primary and secondary schools, just like an ordinary you, I. A little boy who is experiencing to teeth drums and blows "I and my motherland" with a trumpet. Along with a deep affectionate quotation, representatives from all walks of life passed the bright five-star red flag handle. These representatives have no performances, and they have not specially dressed, takeaway little brothers to wear outside to sell, workers wear tools, police wear a police uniform ... "Go to the opening stage. The child's eyes, he pointed to the moon appeared on the TV screen: "Mom is quick to see, the moon of our family!" Yes, the 皎 皎 明 明 明 明 明 明 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相It's true that the world is here! At all the long-awaited Beijing Winter Olympics, everyone has a high-gloss, and the small individual is also hugged by the open arms, and it is also "set".

I looked at the child who didn't let the people who loved the "ice pier". I didn't hurry to explain to him "I am slightly smaller, my life is" "Today, the snow, the four seas are all friends" connotations. I think, when he grew up to read these verses, he would think about this beautiful scene in an ice and snow event, and will understand the beautiful and profound meaning in the poem. Just as he thought that only athletes and even Olympic champions can participate in skating skating movements, and now take the initiative to practice in the ice rink every day.

The Beijing Winter Olympics opened, the Chinese team got a short-circuit speed-slip mix group relay champion on the 5th ... I am more integrated into the boom of "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow", and more believe that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is A new starting point, the charm of ice and snow will make the whole people share! (Liu Wei)

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