Helps Shencheng Ice Snow Sports Development, Yangpu District Ice Snow Sports Association was established

In order to meet the arrival of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the development of the ice and snow movement, Yangpu District held the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics (Warm Store) on February 4th and the Yang Olympic Games. Yangpu District Ice Sport Association will be dominated by 6 layout schools in the district, and other alliance schools are based on the construction of stepped training, training mode, from the selection of outstanding players, forming more than 50 people, Yangpu District, Youth Ice Snow Sports Team, and 200 The preparatory queue around people.

According to the "14th Five-Year Plan" requirements of Shanghai Sports Development, there is a conditional area to establish an Ice and Snow Sports Association; support the school to establish an ice and snow sports association and an academic alliance; cultivate the Ice and Snow Sports Instructor team; promote the ice and snow movement into the campus, enter the community, enter the community Enterprise and other mass, public welfare ice and snow fitness experience activities. By 2025, the city's ice and snow clubs reached 30, and each year participated in the ice and snow movie reached 2 million. The ice and snow sports characteristics reached 100, and the campus participated in the ice and snow sports team and interest group reached 1,000. Every year, students participated in the ice and snow sports and popularization. Training should exceed 1 million. Behind this goal, it is not allowed to drive hands in the districts of Shencheng, and Yangpu District is in the forefront of the team.

At the end of September 2021, the Shanghai Yangpu District of Shanghai registered in the Yangpu District Civil Affairs Bureau. This is also the first registered Snow Sports Association in this city. The establishment of the association will help more young people's enthusiasts accepted more professional and systematic training, strengthen the construction of the reserve talents of Shanghai Ice and Snow Projects, preparing for the 15th National Winter Games.

According to the layout of the body education and the actual needs of each school, the association can open a school-based course and the development of the development of the class, and can also be set as a course after class. In October 2021, the Association has successfully brought the first ice and snow into the campus course as a post-class service to the Junior Middle School. In addition to unified lessons, indoor theoretical courses, outside the outdoor infrastructure teaching content, the association will make full use of social sports venue resources, operative sports space facilities, and open special sports courses to address the shortcomings of some school sports venues.

It is worth mentioning that the association delegated the coach with the International Ski Federation, the "Social Sports Guidector" issued by the State Sports General Administration. In the future, Yangpu District Ice Sports Association will also assess all employee coaches and issue coaches to ensure the quality of teaching work.

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