Ice Snow Movement in Music

Author: Huang Min Xue

One mentioned the ice and snow movement in music, people first thought of naturally a classic soundtrack in the 1980s or 1920s, the "South Pole", "Skull Dance", the author is known as Emir Wald Retur of "The King of France Dance". This work was created in 1882. At that time, Paris was reduced to the two consecutive years of heavy snow, the temperature dropped to less 25 degrees, the main rivers such as the Seine, the Marne, and people went to Boulogne. Skating rink on the forest skating skating. Wald 's retirement is witnessed the kind of love when ever.

"Skating Round Dance" uses ViInna round dance structural form, consisting of pre-sequence, four small circles and ends. The prequet play is a soothing melody, showing the scenery of winter. Next is four small circles, each having a A, B topic.

The first round dance A theme is smooth and melodious, and the melody is smooth and stretched on the ice and stretches.

The second circle a theme is effective, with eight-degree, 13 degrees, 16 degree big jump sound, with decorative sound, put the skater in ice, and the emptiness jump and other high difficult movements are portrayed; The theme of the theme is carried out on the bass department. The high-tone unit is lined with eight-point notes with decorative sounds, so that the skatee is wearing silver bell, squatting, and the main melody is mixed.

The a theme of the third round dance with strings is smooth, and the B theme is very fast and enthusiastic. The theme of the fourth circle is played by the entire band. After gentle melody, accessing a Chinese color paragraph that performs people doing various actions on Ice. The end of the first circle is the theme of the first circle, and it shows another feature of the Vienna Round: Use a fast upward and downow, end the music in a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Perhaps the inspiration of "Ice Round Dance", in the 1980s, Jin Fu was written as a "snow child" in the domestic animated movie "Snow Children". The songs are in the rhythm of lyrical melody, the long and soothing rhythm, depicting the north wind whistling, the snowy winter, the small white rabbit and snow children in the world of silver, snowballs, skiing, singing, "Let the songs all the way Flying, expressing the true feelings of nature, love sports, and also buried a good condition for Snow children to save others.

Sleigh is also an important ice and snow sports. In the 18th century Russia, the sled is a long-term trend. In 1876, Chakovsky created the "four seasons" (one monthly month) of the Piano Group in accordance with the poems of the 12 Russian poets, including "sled" in November, which is intentionally in the lyrics of Russian poet Nixlasov. poetry:

Don't worry again to overlook the avenue, don't hurry to catch the sleigh, let the 悒 悒 and distress, from your heart forever.

Just as the Russian folk song "three sets of cars" sing: "The ice and snow cover the three sets of cars on the Volga River." In the snowy, there is no wilderness, along the winding path along the birch forest, one three The horses and sleighs are coming, and the fried snowflakes, the crisp ringtone is intertwined together, floating towards the distance. Rich and vivid Russian life and painting laid the tone of this piano music.

This piano is a complex three-piece curvature. Under the loud chord accompaniment, the twist-linked melody, with a fifth tone of Russian ancient songs, like a cool car song, driving The three sets of vehicles Mercedes-Benz are in the snowworns. The melody seems to have melancholy in joy, but as written in poems, melancholy is uniformly dismissed by fun emotions, with a smooth decomposition and string, the song has become more heroic. The middle paragraph is more lively, and the decorative sound imitates the sled of the sled. The three sets of cars flying in the country trail, the horse ran, the bells were jehaving, the more the songs were more and more, and they were floating around the vast snowwater. The third paragraph reproduces the first topic, and the right hand uses hexadecimal to quickly decompose the strings to the end, the strength is gradually weakened, the sleigh is disappeared in the depths of the birch forest, the songs, only the cheerful ringtone still wave……

In 1948, the United States composer Raider Anderson also created a patriarchal song "Take a sleigh", which is created in the hot July, and he shackles while watching the scene of the sled. The music is a reciprocated complex, passionate, and a distinctive American folk music style. After a short identogen, the sound of the bells that use the striking instrument imitated, leading to the music theme of the light jumping. In the middle of the music, I repeatedly, and the rhythm of the rhythm contained the melody of the horseshoe and the scene of rising the whip, and then the tone expression of the horses continued, and the tone of the rising, and the people who rushed to fly, and the fun mood of the high song. When the theme is reproduced, it is characterized by a small blow, power reinforcement, cutting rhythm, and decorative halftone to make the music with jazz. As the theme has repeatedly repeated, the strength is constantly enhanced, and the atmosphere is also more enthusiastic, so like a sleigh. Finally, the music is gradually weak, and the sleigh carries a laughter and songs. Later, US Word Writers Mitchell Parris fill in the song:

Listen to the snow sled alley, the ringtone is awkward, ah, come, take advantage of the wind and sunny, driving a snow sled.The fields are flying on the field, and the friends are calling, ah, come, take advantage of the wind and the sun, driving a snow sled.

The sound of the horses, we are very cool, look at it, and there is a good scenery in the ice and snow; the sound of the horses can ring, we hold hands, happy.

All the way flying all the way, in this snowy, our faces are popular, and the heart is full.

You look at the snowfall like a bird spreading wings to the distance, let us run everywhere, and sing.

"Guangming Daily" (February 06, 2022)

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