Not all sugar friends are suitable for sports

We often persuades people to exercise more, healthy lives in sports, especially diabetic patients, to "tuberculously, do legs". However, not all saccharobes are suitable for sports. Today we will tell the precautions for the exercise of diabetic patients.

Still first, how can sports can increase insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin resistance; improve glucose metabolism, reduce blood sugar; promote blood circulation and heart health, improve cardiopulmonary function; reduce medium hypertension; reduce Triglyceride level; energetic, relieve pressure; enhance muscle strength and physical flexibility; reduce body fat content, maintain weight; reduce risks of thrombosis.

These saccharobes can perform glucose tolerance; 2 diabetes patients with significant high blood sugar and complications; stable type 1 diabetes patients; patients with stable gestational diabetes.

Sugar friends in the following situations are not suitable for motion diabetes ketoacidosis; fasting blood sugar> 16.8mol / L; proliferative retinal disease; kidney disease Cr> 1.768mmol / L; severe cardiovascular disease: unstable angina, severe heart, serious heart, A patient with acute infection was combined with a hybrid brain.

After exercise, pay attention to the exercise after exercise, if there is damage, if there is injury, professional medical staff should be processed, and should not be handled.

After exercise, make a record, observe the action to reduce blood sugar, such as the amount of exercise, it is best to test a blood sugar before going to bed.

I feel discomfort after exercise, please consult your professionalist, adjust your sports plan.

Text / Sun Meng (Beijing Century Hospital)

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