Sharing ice and snow movement and passion

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opened in the evening of February 4 in the evening of the National Stadium. In the next ten days, the Olympic athletes from all over the world will work hard to work hard, sweating, showing "faster, higher, stronger - more united" Olympic spirit, to the global audience, unparalleled Ice feast.

The success of the Winter Olympics, preparations and hosted, undoubtedly promoted the popularity and leaping development of my country's ice and snow movement. The masses shared the development of ice and snow sports. The ice and snow consumption is growing. The ice and snow economy is becoming an important growth of sports economy.

Ice and snow moves hot

In recent years, under the active promotion of all parts of the country, the ice and snow movement is rapidly popular, and more and more people who love and participate in the ice and snow movement. The "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " The overall goal of sports is fulfilled with the solemn commitment made by Shen Dongbo in my country.

From a relatively small sport, it gradually became a widely appointed event project, how is the ice and snow exercise grow rapidly in my country?

Zou Xinyi, chief expert of Dong'ao Culture and Ice Sports Development, Beijing, believes that this is the first to benefit from the increasingness of the ice and snow policy system. In recent years, there have been a complete policy system from the national level to the local level, and 26 provinces and municipalities in Guangdong, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Tianjin, and Jilin have formulated more than 100 policies specializing in the development of ice and snow. document. The active implementation of these policies provides a strong support for the preparation and ice and snow development of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

At the same time, the ice and snow sports venues all over the masses have also let more people have the opportunity to "snow on ice". Not long ago, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Heritage Report Set (2022)" showed that in early 2021, there were 654 standard ice ribers in the country, with an increase of 317 in 2015. %; 803 indoor and outdoor ski resorts, more than 41% from 2015.

Under the guidance of the "South Show West Expansion Eastward" strategy, the ice and snow movement of "No Banyan Customs" is breaking the space and time limit. Fujian Province has held the "Helping Winter Olympics" "10,000 people on the ice winter summer camp, the first strait two-strait Ice Hockey Challenge; Chongqing City has held ice and snow sports seasons for many years, which has targeted the people to participate in the ice and snow movement; Shanghai Cultivate the "Shanghai Super Cup" brand "Shanghai Super Cup". All localities have been actively explored, and various massive ice skates are carried out due to local conditions, so that the hot fire of the ice and snow movement is more energetic.

Youth active participation

Wang Wenyi, Wujiashan, Wuhan, Wuhan, Wuhan, Wuhan, who was originally a routine, in recent years, under the promotion of the ice and snow movement, she has the opportunity to get into the ice hockey, and fall in love with this fullness Speed ​​and confrontational sports projects become a main team of the Middle School Women's Ice Hockey Team. Wang Wenyi said to the reporter that because there is a roller-slip cast, learn skating is fast, and the school hires professional coaching to teach their ice hockey skills, and the level is rapid, and the family is also very supportive. Some students around me also consider the way to take a professional ice hockey player.

Wang Wenyi's "round ice" is not accidental. The Office of the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the Office of the State Council, issued an opinion on the development of ice and snow in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Li Sen, Minister of the Overall Planning Department of Beijing Winter Olympics, said that young people are the basis and future of the development of ice and snow. In recent years, the education department and the sports department have worked together to carry out the "Million Youth Snow and Snow", "Campus Ice Plan", incorporating the Ice Snow Movement Knowledge into the Content of School Physical Education, formulated and implemented the Ice Snowport Teaching Plan, these measures Will be implemented in primary and secondary schools after the Winter Olympics.

According to the "Guidance of Accelerating the Acceleration of the National Youth Snow Sports" developing. The emergence of ice and snow characteristics, in the infrared and snow cultural propaganda, the popularity of ice and snow, helping students have played an important role in grasping ice and snow skills.

Wuhan International Sports Culture Exchange Center is currently the largest ice sports venue in Huadi Region. Wu Zhutong, head of the center, introduced that they provide a weekly ice sports feature courses for 6 schools from the government to purchase services. Temned skating, speed skating, ice hockey and other courses have been welcomed by students and schools; Chongqing Snow World (Indoor Ski Resort) has a cooperative training program in more than 20 colleges and secondary schools in Chongqing, and it is expected that 30,000 students will come. To the snowfield, participate in ski training for free.

Continuously promote the development of ice and snow

Ice and snow movement is late in my country, the foundation is weak, although the year of the winter Olympics will have a strategic window period, but how to ensure that the ice and snow movement is not reduced in my country, continuously promotes the healthy development of the ice and snow industry?

"Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a professional sports event, but also the opportunity of the people who have exposed to ice and snow, fall in love with ice and snow movement. To further optimize the development policy environment of the ice and snow, accelerate the construction of venue facilities, consolidate the development of ice and snow, and hold more In order to colorful ice and snow activities, the masses are widely involved in creative conditions, play the role of social power, and support the development of ice and snow sports. "Zou Xinyi suggested. "Developing ice and snow sports is a long-term behavior. After the Winter Olympics, there must be a big development in this regard. It is getting better and better, and more and more." Li Sen said.

According to reports, after the Winter Olympics, my country will continue to encourage the construction of ice and snow sports venue, encourage all localities, urban squares, and build some temporary ice and snow venues. At the same time, upgrade the existing ice and snow facilities, the ice and snow venue, improve the service level, and meet the needs of the ice and snow movement of different people. At the same time, "National Volkswagen Snow Season" "National Volkswagen" and other winter sports brands will continue to do.

How to solve the problem of ice and snow sports? It is understood that, at present, the sports sectors in various regions have continuously increased the training of sports social instruments.

Hubei Shennongjia International Ski Resort Ski Coach Guan Junhua is the soil gods of the earth, like skiing, watching the ice and snow movement from the hometown, and built a lot of snow skills, and he also picked up the ski skills. After obtaining the sports social instructor certificate, I found a part-time coaching work in the snow field. Guan Junhua said that he is now reading a big two. After graduation, he will return to his hometown development and contribute to the economic construction of his hometown.

Li Sen introduced that the Beijing Sports Social Instructor has reached 230,000, and Zhang Jiakou reached more than 20,000. These people play a very important role in the norms and popularization of ice and snow movements. In the future, these people will have more and more, and the popularity of ice and snow will play a greater guidance. (Economic Daily reporter constant)

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