Zhangjiakou ice and snow movement into the usual people's home

Tang Jingwei, who lives in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, is a skating "enthusiast". In 1978, he biting his teeth, biting a pair of prices, kraft skates. Since there is no suitable skating rink, there is a safe hidden danger, this double skate "service" is more than 20 years later, and it is more than 20 years.

After Beijing, Zhangjiakou successfully bought the 2022 Winter Olympics, Tang Jingwei found that the door of the house was established, and the ice skating rink in the house was built, so he turned out the skating shoes in the bottom of the box, and galloped on the ice rink again. At the same time, more and more people who participate in the ice and snow movement are more and more, and the small people in the year have already entered the home of ordinary people.

The "Rule of Law Daily" reported recently learned in Zhangjiakou City, the local, three-dimensional people's ice and snow sports promotion mode, fully accelerated the popularity of ice and snow, the masses care about Winter Olympics, support Winter Olympics, participate in the enthusiasm of Winter Olympics Hurried high, has taken 5 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement.

The whole people participate in men and women and young

"Relax, Leg, slowly squat ..." On February 4th, the interior ice of "Ice Dream" skating rink in Zhangjiakou City center, coach Guo Dongkai is led a parent-child skating training class to practice. After him, many parents and children have been able to learn models. A four-five-year-old little boy fell several buttons, climbed up and continued to practice.

Guo Dongkai told reporters that his students have only six or seven-year-old children, and they are three or four years old. They can learn to skate through training, and I can learn to skate. "In the past few years, more and more children began to learn skating, parents are very supportive, some are to learn a skill, but more is to cultivate hobbies, exercise."

On the same day, Tang Jingwei took the 6-year-old grandson who was experiencing the fun of skating on the interior ice. "If there is no Winter Olympics, it has been pressed in the bottom of the box." He pointed to the old skates on his feet.

"I haven't stopped from my home. I have been here. The indoor ice sector is constant in the whole year. It can slip in 365 days. 20 yuan can slip one day. Now men and women can slip two laps." Tang Jingwei Say.

"Ice Dream" ice rink is the largest, integrated, entertainment, competition, training in Zhangjiakou, is divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor, indoor use of constant temperature ice technology to achieve four seasons operations. The outdoor area of ​​the ice rink is freely open to the citizens, and the winter is ice rink.

The reporter saw in the outdoor ice zone, the blue sky is like washing, the ice is crystal, and many citizens are immersed in the happiness of the ice and snow. Several professional skating enthusiasts are fully equipped, rapidly sliding on the ice; many parents lead their children to learn skating, experience ice, sports! Several children slide the ice car, the ice sledge, it is easy.

Under the leadership of the parents, the 10-year-old He Yinghua and the 7-year-old Herbier slide is floating on ice. This winter holiday, the little brother just started learning skating, although the skills were not familiar, but it was already coming to Ib. "A lot of children are learning to skate, I also like this movement very much. We wish Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success." He Yingdong said with a tender voice.

On the "Ice Dream" skating rink, a skating enthusiast guided by a skating enthusiast. Rule of Law Daily reporter Zhou Zhen Peng

Consumption subsidies for construction venues

In order to continuously promote the three ice and snow activities, let the masses participate in the ice and snow movement, Zhangjiakou City is fully promoted in the construction of the ice and snow sports venue, in accordance with the natural conditions and economic development levels in the county, make full use of existing sports land and urban vacant places, and build skating Places and entertainment snow fields.

According to statistics, Zhangjiakou City has now built 20 indoor skating seals, can carry out project competitions and training in short track speed, trick skating, ice hockey, ice makers; 6 construction off-road ski resorts, 31 people in the field, can Carry out three ice and snow entertainment activities.

Su Tao, the head of the "Ice Dream" skating sport, told reporters that the venue started from the most basic skating training, paying attention to the popularity of ice and snow, in the public's knowledge and popularity increasingly high, 2021 year year A total of more than 40,000 customers are received.

The cost of ice and snow is high, and it is a major obstacle to hinder the participation of the masses. However, the charging standard of "Ice Dream" skating rink is very close: 20 yuan for a single ticket fee, 200 yuan in the ice quarter, not limited to time.

Su Tao introduced, the reason why the price of such a person is because the "Ice Dream" ice rink joined Zhangjiakou Ice Snowport Huimin subsidies in July 2021, and the government subsidized the ticket price of the venue. "Low-charged reduces the threshold participating in the ice and snow movement, so that the ice and snow movement is really walking into the home of the usual people." Su Tao said.

At the same time, Zhangjiakou City officially launched the "Le Snow" app in the snow season in the 2020, and the "embedded" "embedded" "embedded" "embedded" of different ice and snow sports products will be accurately reducing the consumption cost of the people to participate in the ice and snow. The enthusiasm of each ice and snow sports venue is greatly pulled. In 2021, many financial institutions and people's livelihood service platforms reached substantial cooperation with "Le Bingxue", and more activities were more, and more effort. Up to now, "Le Snow" app has nearly 100 million downloads.

The public practiced skating on the "Ice Dream" skating rink in Zhangjiakou City. Rule of Law Daily reporter Zhou Ji Peng photographed the whole people to share the ice and snow experience sent home

On February 4th, the reporter came to the Dongfangyuan Community, the Shengli North Road Sub-district Office, Zhangjiakou City, Zhaojiakou, and was rated as a national Winter Olympic Demonstration Community by the National Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. Just went to the community service center On the second floor, they came in a bright and beautiful chorus, and the community sunset red chorus, the players of the Spring Rain Seeds were publicizing the cultural activity room rehearsal.

"Every Zhangjiakou is the host owner of the Winter Olympics, there is a concern of Winter Olympics, supporting Winter Olympics, participating in Winter Olympics, dedication to Winter Olympics." Wang Fengying, head of the 68-year-old sunset red chorus, told reporters, before everyone I like to sing red songs, now I have rehearsed a lot of winter songs, especially in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics slogan promotion songs "together".

In the Winter Olympics room next door, many residents are experiencing ice-snowy sports activities such as desktop, simulating snow sports activities such as ski, immersed in the fun of ice and snow. "Don't look at this desktop curling, it is not easy, and it is not easy. There is also analog ski. Many residents are particularly interested. In the New Year, these people are full every day." Dongfangyuan Community Party Committee He Wei, secretary, said.

In 2021, Zhangjiakou City launched a "Ice and Snow Caider" Qianxiang Tour Series and Ice Sports "Six" Demonstration Site Creation Work, the dry land curling, land ski training machine, dry land snow blanket, dry land ice hockey, etc. Experience the project to the door of the masses, let everyone feel the fun of ice and snow.

As the "City of Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou City continues to increase the intensity of the masses of ice and snow, help" 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement "to achieve the goal of the ice and snow, become an important lifestyle of the citizens' fitness, leisure and entertainment. Has accumulated 5 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement, creating a strong atmosphere of "Warm Winter Olympics, National Participation, National Sharing".

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