Looking forward to more people love ice and snow sports

This newspaper Huzhou February 4th (Reporter Xu Fang correspondent talking about 渭) "Baby, quickly see, Dad is there as a referee!" On the evening of the 4th, the wife of Huzhou College Zhang Tao opened the TV on time to watch Beijing Winter Olympics At the opening ceremony, he said to the daughter of more than 2 months. The child is small, but if you understand your mother, your big eyes stare at the TV screen, as if you are looking for your own father, you can't make your family laugh.

Zhang Tao, sports teacher, Huzhou College, is a domestic technical official of the Winter Olympics, serving as the referee of two skiing and Nordic events. As the first winter Olympics in Huzhou, Zhang Tao, who made a referee from the Winter Olympics in Huzhou, letting a family pay attention to the Winter Olympics. "Today at noon, everyone is chatting, and our southerners are getting more and more attention to the ice and snow movement." Shi Wei grew up from Xiaoshou, with less contact with ice and snow, "waiting for Zhang Tao back, I will also Following him to experience the ice and snow world, there will be more people love the ice and snow. "

On the same day, in addition to Zhang Tao's family before the TV set, there is also a student distributed in Zhang Tao from all over the country.

"When I first entered the University, I passed the elective class of Zhang Tao's" Winter Olympics Sports Project ". The first time I appreciated the charm of the ice and snow movement, and I opened a new vision for me." Zhao Ying, 2020 students, Huzhou College. In the past, the family in Shandong. On the same day, she had a good dinner early, and she watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics with the cousin. When I saw more than 100 outstanding representatives from all walks of life and the representatives of 56 nationalities delivered a five-star red flag, Zhao Ying and my brother sister were tidy, and they also waved the flag in their hands.

Zhang Tao's student Jiang Hongfei, watched the opening ceremony with his parents with his parents. "The opening ceremony, a little boy is gently blowing, 'Dandelion' seeds fly to the sky, sprinkling the earth. My university major is social sports guidance and management, I hope that I can be the same as Teacher Zhang, I can do my best. , Helping the Olympic movement in the Chinese land roots, more flourishing. "Jiang Hongfei said," Parents are the southerners, before, I haven't pay close attention to the ice and snow movement, this time I heard that my university teacher went to the Winter Olympics as a referee, even They all feel proud and are more optimistic about my profession. "

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