National sports equipment recommended Dunklow

The Spring Festival has passed. Today, it has arrived in the beginning of the year. It is a day of welcoming God. It immediately opened the door. Today, I recommend a pair of sports good shoes dunk low.

In recent years, the hot NIKE brand is hot shoes Dunk, I believe everyone has seen it on the road.

This pair of dunks are pink, very cute, suitable for beautiful girls.

The hook on the side of the body is also full of teenagers.

Litchi leather is a bit impatient, there are some breathable holes on the shoe to make up for this lack.

Shoes do not particularly ideal, there are foreign objects in the belt holes, but just clean it slightly.

There is a pink embroidery on the tongue, embroidered with Nike logo. The overall shoes look very fresh and loved.

The shoes are followed by white embroidery nike, very eye-catching.

The sole is the classic sole of Nike, and the same cut as the AJ1 sole, it is not too non-slip, and it is not too wear. But exercising this pair of shoes will attract a lot of attention, or it is very good.

Nowadays, this pair of shoes is not cheap, but there are still more than a lot of buyers, and they can be seen from their popularity.

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