What are the health exercises?

The movement can further improve the energy resistant to a variety of disorders, so we must carry out some healthy health sports, and we must we

Let's take a look at the healthy health exercise.

In the small summer season, the temperature is slowly hot, the temperature is significantly rising, but this time is more cold, the temperature is still very big late, and it should be moderately add clothes in the morning and evening.

In addition, after entering the summer, the day is more remarkable, and the change in nature Yangsheng kidney yin, the sleep quality level should also be relatively

Night "," morning ", to accept the Qiankun's Qingming Festival, but should still pay attention to" childhood ", especially if you want to sleep in nap, to ensure energy

Pei and the energetic.

Healthy diet

At this time, the dietary matching criteria is a mixed acid and reduced, and the kidney and aphrodisiac will help the liver and regulate the stomach gas. The diet is suitable for light, with low fat, easy to digest,

Methylcellulose dominant, eat more fruits and vegetables, miscellaneous grains. It can usually eat more fish, chicken, pork lean meat, bean food, white sesame seeds, dishes, millet,

Rice, hawthorn fruit, 枇杷, banyan wine, melon, peach, papaya, tomato, etc., eat less animal internal organs, white meat, etc., eat less salty ingredients, such as idle

Fish, radish pickles, etc.

A little health care should also pay high attention to "recuperating". Everyone is easy

I feel anxious, so the summer health and health should guarantee "arc", don't be big, you have to maintain the spirit, emotional, and feel happy.

Fast, pleasing self, happy every day. You can also do more cultural activities such as art painting, fishing, calligraphy art, chess, flower, etc.

After the small summer, accompany the warming, everyone is very easy to sweat, "Khan" is the dust, the small summer season should be noted too much,

After exercise, you should drink warm water and add blood.

The small summer season, the choice of fitness exercise does not have to be too strong, select the relative calm fitness exercise, such as

Tai Chi, Taijijian, Survive, Run, etc.

What are you more than some healthy health exercise? The content is for our own Baili and no harm. The actual effect is + minus.

Everything is blindly followed by some healthy health exercises, it is not easy to give us a very good actual effect, and we must find the health of scientific research.

The health movement method can help us improve the work skills faster.

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