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The American Scenario "Life Budging" tells the story of a group of American physicists. Those scientific nouns, "quirky" scientific homes are deeply loved by the audience, and the ordinary Volkswagen has also a more comprehensive understanding of physicists. "Life Big Bang" has changed people's serious, high-profile engrave impression, but also left another impression - they are very "house", they are lacking sports cells. However, the physicist in the real world is not the case. There are many famous physicists to hobbily hobbies, there are many sports masters, and they will complete the experiment that other people cannot complete because of excellent exercise.

Colorful life of physicists

In fact, most physicists have both work, people who live, they all have a lot of personal life. In physicists' hobbies, sports, music, literature, drama account for a large proportion, walk, travel is also very popular, and a few people are interested in art, collection. In terms of music, Newton likes the six strings, quantum, founder, Prance, Prance, can't love the piano. Einstein learned the violin at the age of 6, and once a dream became a violin player, and later gave up this dream, the feelings of the violin have never changed. When talking about music and scientific relationship, Einstein believes that the world can "consist of musical notes, or by mathematical formulas". Russia's first all-round scientist Ronovovov wrote a long poetry, tragedy and ironic articles, and also created philosophical and pair, so many people think that there are two Romonosov. Von Carmen has outstanding contributions in science, technology and education, is the "scientific talent" in the aerospace era, known as "the father of Rockets", his hobby is to collect oriental treasures. When Von Carmen visited China, "Science" magazine has been reported: "Feng Kamen Pacific loves the Oriental cultural relics, says in the family, specializing in the use of China and Japanese Treasure. Diet Yishi The seasoning. "

At present, there is almost no introduction to physiologists in physical textbooks, especially in sports hobbies. In fact, physicists' sports hobbies have a variety of sport: Franklin likes to swim, riding, weightlifting; Prance loves mountaineering and walking; Luser Fu likes football, hiking; Einstein likes to hiking, rowing, bike; Lady Loving Ski, swimming, cycling; neutron physics father likes tennis, hiking, running; modern spaceting founder Braun is almost all-round athletes. Some physicists have a high level of exercise, even more professional athletes in some respects.

Wisdom bursts in sports

Franklin is an outstanding politician, educator and scientist. He has a variety of form of sports hobbies, with a strong body. In a thrilling electrical experiment, he was shocked by thunder

In, but got rid of the chasing of the dead, unified the daytime and earth-saving, invented the lightning rod. In fact, Franklin's kite experiment is very dangerous. At that time, there is no accident. In addition to its good physical fitness, there is also a care of luck. In the second year after Franklin completed the experiment, Li Heman imitated that Franklin was not so lucky, and he was electrically dead on the spot.

Nurses Bohore is one of the founders of quantum mechanics, the Nobet Physics Award, the leader of Copenhagen. Boir likes football, table tennis, sailboat, skiing and other sports. Boir is particularly good at football, maybe he thinks that the football between the black and white and his studies have a lot of similarity. Boir is the goalkeeper of the Danish National Team when you are young. When Boir is attending the game, the machine that is often atcepted by the other person's offensive is in front of the door. When the opponent's big shift, he also gave the gods to guard the door. Once in the game with the German team, he was still busy thinking about a mathematical problem, almost let the ball roll into the goal. Later, some people commented that his early football achievements were comparable to the later physical achievements. After the appointed professor of Copenhagen, Boir has been summoned by the King of Danish, but the king still treats Boce as a famous football player. Boir also likes to take a walk, June 1922, German physicist Hesenburg took a walk with Boir on the suburbs of Göttin, and was taken along with Boir. Heisenberg has recalls: "" The walk has had a profound impact on my scientific cause, or that I really started that afternoon. "

Mrs. Curi is one of the pioneers of the atomic era, and is the first scientist who won the Nobel Prize in the world. Mrs. Curi has a famous saying: "The foundation of science is a healthy body." She deeply understood that hard science experiments were not only the serious test of will and knowledge, but also the test of health. My lady likes to travel bicycles. When she married, she bought a bicycle with relatives sent by relatives, riding a bicycle honeymoon. She is often in the evening every Sunday and her husband and her husband go to the country. Every summer, they will ride a long distance. In addition, Mrs. Curie is still swimming.

Planck is a German physicist, the winner of the Nobel Physics Award in 1918. The most important achievement of Prance in physics is to propose a famous Planique radio formula, create energy concept. Planck has a famous saying: "Walking is the sacred sky of the natural scientist." Planck loves mountaineering and walking in his life. His mountaineering technology is superb, which has conquered many unpacked peaks such as Alps. Planck is still very strong when Prance is 84 years old, boarding a 3,000-meter mountain peak. Fermi has achieved major construction trees in the field of experimental physical and theoretical physics, and established a physics Roman school, and the Nobel Physics Award was obtained in 1938. Fermi likes football in the Middle School, and became a doctor in love with tennis, usually like climbing, running. He said: "I like sports, because it gives me a rich wisdom and abundant energy, and scientific achievements are the cost of people who have a huge brain and physical strength!" Found slow neutron effect in 1934. In the experiment, since the equipment is simple, in order to prevent the radioactive source interference calculator, he puts the two in the rooms across a corridor. Because some of the half-life of some radioactive substances is short, it is forced to run back and forth between the two to shorten the interval time, making the count more accurate. The discovery of slow neutron and its effect can be seen as the actual starting point of the nuclear age, because Fermi has a good physical quality, and it is worthy of this run, and finally completed the experimental task.

Solid body to create a smart brain

Scientific research shows that in the side of the human brain, there is a part of the bump like hippocampus, known as hippocampus, it is the organization of supervisor and memory in the brain. If there is regular, appropriate amount of exercise, you can make the hippocampus in the brain grow more cells, making people thinking, feelings, and reactions can be more sensitive, making people smarter.

Many physicists are interested in sports. In addition to their personal experience and social environment, busy and tight scientific activities also need strong body and abundant energy to support. In conducting scientific research, most of them have forgotten food, but the sharpener is not mishering to cut the fireworks, and appropriate participation in physical exercise is not only a waste of time, but also wins the time and efficiency for scientific research. Therefore, many physicists consciously carry out their own physical exercise, so that sports have become their most common amateur hobby. Life is in sports, the physicist's scientist is also full of surprises due to sports.

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