Ice and snow sports "hot"

Spring picnic, summer surf, autumn reward leaves, winter, of course, it is going to ski!Winter in Yinchuan has winter gameplay.Snow circle, snow, snow motorcycle, ice glion ....... With the close of the Winter Olympics, the citizens are getting more and more enthusiastic about the ice and snow, everyone finds the passion of winter days.Happy with happiness.

Winter weekend, in the Ski Resort of Wetland Park in Huai, many ice and snow sports enthusiasts and citizens come to play.At the scene, the reporter saw that everyone in cooperation with the snowfield, in order to enter the snow field in order in order, and cooperate with health QR code, temperature measurement.The lives are both older people, and there are also childish children. They have "full deputy arms" step on snow, some are sitting on snow Motorcycles, and in the wind, the whole body is put into ice and snow sports.Feel the fun of ice and snow movement.The winter ice and snow movement also adds a bright color to the winter Yinchuan with its unique charm.

Journalist Yang Yuhua Wei Lui

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