Sports Bluetooth headset what brand is good, outdoor sports headphones recommended

Bluetooth headset is a must-have product for sports and running, which can add a lot of fun for our exercise process, whether it is comfortable or full of rhythm, which can continue to stick to the power. Since it is an indispensable partner, how do I choose the Bluetooth headset that suits you? Many sports white doors are a bit confused, so I will recommend some good sports headphones today.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

South Ka bone passage headphones are more popular in sports groups, especially, outdoor, road running this environment complex is not suitable for Selle Ears, and bone conducted open-ear listening songs is simply perfect for outdoor sports!

Function Continuing the PRO series uncommon NFC function and body memory function, Bluetooth version This upgrade is for Bluetooth 5.2, the product experience has also ushered in new upgrade optimization, the Bluetooth connection is more stable, reduced 87% Bluetooth The line condition occurs; the sound delay is lower, lowered by 83% of the sound delay; the battery life is longer, increased by 67% of the battery life; the product stability, the classes, etc. also has a certain degree of improvement.

2. Xiaomi really wireless Bluetooth sports headphones 3PRO

Its weight and volume are smaller than the previous generation of millet headphones. The exercise is worn and lightweight and stable. At the same time, it provides four earplugs. It can be accurately detected by the intensity of earplugs. It helps you choose the most suitable earplugs, and its smart noise reduction function is also very powerful, high-fidelity sound quality, pure and beautiful, double transparent mode, enjoy music It is also not bad, and it is safer when you go out.

3. Huawei Huawei Freeland Pro sports headphones

This Huawei sports headset is a neck-mounted headset that uses two high-sensitivity microphones to receive ambient noise inside and outside the ear, and accurately generate noise reduction waves by 14 mm larger low-frequency mobile coil units to reduce the outside. noise. Excellent noise reduction makes you enjoy pure music regardless of your body. There are three different noise reduction patterns, which can be freely switched according to the environment. In addition, you can switch the passing mode at any time, you can listen to the surrounding sounds, pay attention to the environment's changes, and free communication with people around you.

4. South Car Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports headphones

Compared with the previous generation, the bone conduction Runner CC 2 has a comprehensive upgrade: first material upgrade, very light fuselage, exercise is more comfortable; battery upgrade, up to 6 hours, lasting battery life; leak-proof upgrade, use integrated fuselage Process, flat, no dead angle, waterproof performance line rise; sound quality upgrade, large size bone conduction speakers, the spatial sound is more ultimate, the music scene is like shaped. The design of ergonomics is not only comfortable, but even if strenuous exercise will fall. Adopted the advanced 5.0 Bluetooth chip, the output is not only fast, the signal is more strengthened, and the 10 meters range can still be stabilized, so that the movement is more hearty.

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