Simple exercise in the third trimester

To make a simple movement outdoors

After entering the clumsy pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not be afraid to be bored in the house, waiting for the advent of childbirth. To outdoor sports, it is not necessarily a big feng, to the nearly park, stretch the body, is also a simple way of movement. The moderate outdoor sports in the third trimester can make pregnant mothers to supplement fresh air, promote fetal growth, but also enhance the muscles of pregnant mothers, prepare for delivery.

Below, let's take a moment together.

1 standing, the double arm side is lifted. The legs are separated, the wrist is curved, the fingertips are stretched, and it is maintained for 3 seconds.

2 hands, left legs, straight forward, heel, bend, right legs, straight back, keep 5 seconds.

3 stand position, the legs are separated from the shoulder, and the arms are paid to both sides, extend the back.

4 The legs are separated from two shoulder width, keep the side alang, back, the body slowly squat, pay attention to the balance, keeping 3 seconds.

Pre-prenatal leg sitting to help delivery

During this period, pregnant mothers may wish to do some simple movements that help childbirth, such as sitting on legs. The legs can increase the strength of the back muscles, making the thighs and pelvic bones, and improve the blood circulation of the lower half of the body, so that the legs can be well separated when childbirth, thereby conducive to delivery.

French palett action analysis

(1) Take the mat on the ground, gently sit down, keep the back straight

(2) Bending the legs, make the feet, let the feet close to the body

(3) Two hands grabbed the ankle, two elbows oppressed the inside of the thigh, so that it stretched

(4) Keep this posture 20 seconds

(5) Repeat the 2nd to 4st steps can also be sitting in both legs, so it will feel more comfortable, but should pay attention to replace the front and rear positions of the legs from time to time to avoid blood circulation.

If you feel difficulties in your legs, you can put a mat on both sides of the thigh, or sit on the wall, but try to keep your back straight.

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