Dramatic exercise after long-term meal

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Have rumors say "The gains of the sports will be sloppy, causing stomach disease", is this true?

The stomach is a cavity, a flat bag in an empty state, and the surface has a certain tension to disperse the drooping trend of gravity, maintain the normal position of the stomach. More importantly, the stomach is not a completely free organ, there is a lot of strong ligament structures around the stomach, such as liver duodenal ligament, liver and stomach ligament, spleen and stomach ligament, stomach ligament. These ligaments constitute the stomach suspension system, so that the stomach can be active within the normal spatial range, the shock of exercise after the meal, the displacement force is far less than these strong ligament structures. Therefore, the appropriate amount of sports after meals causing the stomach sagage.

As the saying goes, "Walking after a meal, can live ninety-nine", and the right amount of exercise has a certain benefit of the body, but pay attention to the relatively soothing exercise after the meal, not a dramatic activity. Long-term exercise after a long time, but there may be a stomach sagging. If you have increased the contents of the stomach in full, the exercise of the stomach is increased in the activity of the gastric ligament. Although there will be no problem in the short term, if so, it will cause slack and relaxation of the ligament. Over time, it may cause the stomach.

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