Three kinds of rehabilitation sports

Shoulder pain disappears only [inflammation]

The shoulders continue to pain, the hand is not high, even the movements of the clothes are like torture, what should I do if I have a fifty shoulder? Do you have to cut a knife?

▶ What is the 50 shoulder?

The formal name of the fifty shoulder is "Adhesive Capsulitis". The inside of the shoulder chuck is full of slide, so that the shoulder energy saves smoothly.

The shoulder chuck reduces the brakes, the fibrosis, the slide is reduced, and the joint operation capacity is reduced, and the joint operation ability, the joint is sticky, affecting the shoulder joint activity. At this time, the patient's shoulder seems to freeze, so it is also known as "ice shoulder".

▶ I heard that 50 shoulders will be good?

It is a good fortio, and it will be good, as long as it takes a while, wait for pain, it is true, is this true?

In fact, the pain disappears only represents inflammation, but there is no disappearance in the shoulder championship, and it will still affect the activity of the patient's shoulder. If there is no treatment, 50 shoulders may relapse at any time.

▶ 50 shoulder symptoms

He is suffering from 50 shoulders, and the patient's shoulder will be difficult to function properly, which in turn affects the quality of life. The common 50 shoulder symptoms have the following:

· Chronic shoulder pain

· I can't go to the patient when I sleep.

· The joint activity is limited, unable to raise or rotate outward

Three-stage course

The pathogenesis process of the fifty shoulders can be divided into three stages:

Phase I: pain during pain

Six weeks to nine months. In pain, the patient shoulder chip begins inflammation, pain and continuous deterioration, and the caner's activity range is also reduced.

Second period: stiffness (Frozen)

At this time, the anti-inflammatory reaction will gradually subsidize, although the degree of pain is lowered, but the joint cap will leave a tissue, causing the joint to stick, affect normal exercise. For four to six months, the patient's shoulder activity will be limited.

Page III: Restoration period (thawing)

The activity of the shoulder joint gradually recovers, and it is necessary to take six months to two years before it is fully restored. Be

▶ 50 shoulder rehabilitation sports

The focus of rehabilitation movement is to extend the shoulder joint to help shoulder resume activity capabilities. If there is discomfort during exercise, the action should be stopped immediately, and then discuss the appropriate rehabilitation movement with the physiotherapist.

The following is a common type of rehabilitation sports:

1 外 旋

· Side elbows bend 90 degrees, support the door frame

· Rotate the body on the other side, stretching to the limit of 30 seconds

· Relax back home, repeat the action

2 exit

· 仰 仰, double feet straight

· Lift your hands with unaffected hands until a slight stiffness is produced, maintaining 15 seconds

· Let the arms slowly return to the starting position, and then repeat the action after taking a break

3 crossed hand stretch

· Use unaffected hand to lift the patient's hand to the chest

· Try to extend the other side of the husband and maintain 30 seconds without pain

· Relax your shoulders, repeat the action after taking a break

▶ Is the 50-year-old patent?

The exact generation of fifty shoulders is still unknown. The shoulders of most patients have never been severely injured, and the patient is mostly 40 to 60 years old, and the patient's disease is greater than male.

This reason is unknown 50 shoulders belong to "primary 50 shoulders". In addition, there is another kind of "secondary 50 shoulders", and the age is not necessarily caused by many factors.

Causes of secondary shoulders:

1 disease factor

· Diabetes patients are prone to 50 shoulders, the cause of the disease is unknown, between the prevalence of 50 shoulders in the prevalence of 50%.

· Thyroid machine can be low, hyperthyroidism, Pavantian disease, stroke, hypertension, etc. also have higher homeweights.

2 shoulder joint can't exercise

· If the shoulder ministers lack activities, it will make the joint stick to stick, resulting in a fifty shoulder.

· Common cases are restricted by trauma activity, such as arm relief, fracture, and rheumatoid arthritis, degradation arthritis will also affect shoulder joint activities.

In addition, patients with pleural surgery (breast cancer surgery, cardiac surgery, etc.), often worried that the shoulders will pull the chest wound, so they don't dare to move the shoulder joint. This situation is easy to have a fifty shoulder after surgery.

Therefore, it is necessary to actively rehabilitate under the guidance of the medical staff after surgery to make the joint activity, so as to avoid affecting the joint activity.

▶ 50 shoulders must be treated?

Not necessarily, if the situation is not serious, fifty shoulders can be soothing through drugs or physiotherapy. In general, fifty shoulders have non-surgical treatment, physical therapy, surgical treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

1 non-surgical treatment

Common anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Aspi, IBUPROFEN drugs, or topical injection steroids.

Hydrodilatation: Injective salt water in the patient's shoulder, thereby propreating with adhesion to cause pain, difficult to active joint capsules.

2 physiotherapy

Physical therapy is usually performed under the guidance of physiotherapists, and the therapist may also be able to recover at home.

In addition to rehabilitation, hot compress, electrotherapy is also common for treatment.

3 surgical treatment

The purpose of surgery is to make shoulders to restore their power.

4 Anesthesia Implementation of arthroplastic under anesia patients under anesthesia, the physician pulled the affected area, destroying the scar tissue in the shoulder chuck, soothing the stiff shoulders, increasing the angle of joint movement.

5 Shoulder Arthroscopy

In anesthesia, the physician uses an inner view of the inner view, observes the status of the patient's shoulder chip, and then removes the stiff tissue of shoulder stiffness.

After the operation, the shoulder may be briefly swollen, but it will restore it after one or two days, ice can help swollen and pain relief.

Whether it is anesthetic, articulation, or shoulder inner view, patients must receive a six-week rehabilitation after surgery, allowing joints to restore normal activity angles.

6 Chinese medicine treatment

Chinese medicine also has methods for treating fifty shoulders, such as small needles.

The small needle knife is a special needle, and Chinese medicine practitioners use it to explore the affected part, and then cut the joints with a special manner to reach the relaxation effect.

After the treatment, the shoulders will have a temporary acid swelling, and should avoid driving a transportation to avoid danger.

▶ How to diagnose 50 shoulders?

The primary examination is slowly moving the patient's shoulder, confirming whether the patient feels discomfort in some angles. Imaging in X-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance is a way to further confirm 50 shoulders, which can help eliminate other causes of shoulder pain (such as arthritis, rotating muscle cracking).

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